Chapter 377 – Huang Li Island's Rise
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 377 – Huang Li Island's Rise

Zhen Ling Sect's counter-attack on the monster race had thoroughly shocked the North Ocean. Was this a signal that the human race had decided to start fighting back?

The person who led the counter-attack, Lu Xuan-Ping, the Water Sword Immortal, became famous once more with his stunning achievements of defeating a Fourth Layer and Fifth Layer Core Forging Realm Enlightened Master.

As a result, Lu Ping's ranking in North Ocean Prodigies rose to the twentieth position, surpassing Ouyang Wei-Jian yet again.

Yao Yong, Chen Lian, and the others involved in the operation also rose in the ranks. Yao Yong was very excited, going as far as to say that his serious injuries were all worth it now.

However, the most striking figure wasn’t Lu Ping or his friends, but Jiang Xuan-Xuan. No matter the means, she managed to fight a Fourth Layer Core Forging Realm Enlightened Master and force them to retreat. Hence, she also made an appearance on the North Ocean Prodigies at Rank 83.

Naturally, her background as the child of two Great Ancestors was quickly exposed, making her a larger target to the monster race.

Hu Lili was only unconscious for a day. After she woke up, her cultivation base gradually recovered, but it would still take years before it was fully recovered. Additionally, her cultivation foundation had been permanently damaged, affecting her cultivation potential.

Despite this, the first thing she did after waking up was to instruct her junior martial sisters to set up the teleportation formation on the island to connect to Di Kun Island. With the teleportation formation in place, Zhen Ling Sect would be able to quickly dispatch reinforcements to the island.

In fact, Zhen Ling Sect had no precedent of setting up a teleportation formation on any of its mini islands due to the cost. However, this wasn’t the case for Lu Ping's Huang Li Island.

Firstly, Lu Ping was wealthy enough to fork out the costs to build the teleportation formation from his own pocket.

Secondly, given Huang Li Island's strategic location, it would attrac

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