Chapter 376.2 – Spirit Vein Migration
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 376.2 – Spirit Vein Migration

Lu Ping looked at Yao Yong and Chen Lian as they had both been injured in their battles with the monster Enlightened Masters. Before this, they were suppressing their injuries because their fights weren't done yet.

But now that the protective formation was activated, and the monster Enlightened Masters had retreated, Lu Ping naturally didn't want them to suppress their injuries any longer and asked them to recuperate.

After that, Lu Ping re-entered the cultivation room to check on Hu Lili. Due to the accumulated medicinal toxics in her body, he didn't dare to use the recovery pellets on her anymore. After thinking about the possible options, Lu Ping came to the conclusion that the Spirit Water Vein Nourishment Pellets were her best chance.

However, now wasn't the time for alchemy.

Lu Ping left the cave-dwelling.

Above him, the sky was divided into two parts, one part fiery red, the other dark and gloomy. At the boundary where the two parts met, there were continuous rumbles of thunder and explosions.

Lu Ping ignored the danger of leaving the protective formation, hid his tracks, and traveled almost fifty miles east of Huang Li Island. There, he waited patiently and quietly.

As time passed, traces of anxiety gradually crept onto Lu Ping's face. Eventually, he suddenly looked up in joy, before quickly turning sullen again.

He flew out to meet the incomers, waved his hands, and three snake silhouettes flashed into his sleeves. After that, he returned to Huang Li Island again.

By the time he had returned, Junior Martial Sister Qiu and the others had just finished setting up the spirit vein migration formation. The entire array formation was laid using the island protective formation's formation chassis as the core.

Lu Ping nodded at them in approval, while the junior martial sisters left the cave-dwelling and the space to him.

Lu Ping waved his sleeves again and let the snake trio out in the cave-dwelling.

Lu Bi spat out a palm-sized exquisite formation chassis. Judging from the mystical formation patterns engraved on it, this formation chassis was also one of Hu Lili's amazing crafts.

Lu Ping placed the exquisite formation chassis in the spirit vein migration array formation. He then placed three high-grade spirit stones and thirty mid-grade spirit stones on the formation chassis, before finally surging his true energy into it to activate the array.

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