Chapter 380 – Monster Pets
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 380 – Monster Pets

Initially, the wonder water that Lu Ping had selected for his Mid Core Forging Realm breakthrough was the Magnificent Wave Water that he had looted from Enlightened Master Kong Liang. There were two reasons behind this choice.

Firstly, the Magnificent Wave Water was an Earth-class low-grade wonder item, which was good enough for the breakthrough.

Secondly, it was three times the usual amount needed, making it just about sufficient for Lu Ping, a cultivator whose foundation was extremely consolidated and pure, causing him to need a larger amount of wonder water.

However, this was based on the premise that Lu Ping underwent an ordinary breakthrough. When Lu Ping suddenly found himself experiencing another bloodline evolution, enhancing his Golden Core by one-third, subsequently improving his cultivation foundation, he suddenly realized that the Magnificent Wave Water was no longer sufficient!

In all honesty, it wasn't that the Magnificent Wave Water couldn't help him breakthrough. If he chose to fuse the Magnificent Wave Water into his Golden Core, not only would he successfully advance to the Mid Core Forging Realm, he might even breakthrough to the Fifth Layer Core Forging Realm right away after absorbing the overflowing bloodline essence and true energy in his body.

The downside of doing this was that the Magnificent Wave Water wouldn't be able to fully unlock the potential of his recently enhanced Golden Core.

But in this state, and at this critical juncture, how could he go out and find more Magnificent Wave Water? Not to mention he also didn’t even know where he could find it.

But if he didn't use the Magnificent Wave Water, he would have to expel the overflowing bloodline essence and true energy out of his body. This way, not only would he miss the opportunity to breakthrough, he would also damage his cultivation foundation in the process!

Left with no choice, Lu Ping took out another bowl of wonder water, the Luminant Water that he had received from Qu Xuan-Cheng.

Should he fuse two wonder waters at the same

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