Chapter 360.2 – Xuan-Sen's Condition
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 360.2 – Xuan-Sen's Condition

Lu Ping was shocked, but he didn’t panic. His divine revelation allowed him to control his true energy with great control, so he swiftly severed his true energy from everything outside of his body, while quickly retreating backwards.

However, it was too late. A heat source appeared within the range of Lu Ping's divine revelation, heading straight towards him like a hungry beast.

Lu Ping's expression was grave. There was no point retracting his true energy anymore. He decisively sent out his water-blue true energy again and wrapped it around him.

Although the pure water-element true energy seemed to scare the heat source back, it quickly resumed chasing after Lu Ping relentlessly.

A palm-sized ball of scorching white fire appeared in Lu Ping's vicinity. It headed towards him with a divine aura that felt like it could actually burn heaven and earth into ashes.

Lu Ping turned solemn. The huge water ball that covered him suddenly splashed onto the fire ball.


A large amount of steam was released when the two came into contact. Lu Ping's true energy water ball was vaporized while the white ball of fire only became slightly weaker. However, shortly after, the fireball actually grew even larger and stronger.

Bizarrely, there still wasn’t a single trace of spiritual energy that emanated from the white fireball. Even Lu Ping's true energy didn't break down into spiritual energy like it usually would.

Lu Ping's expressions changed as he finally thought of something, and exclaimed in shock, "Spirit Fueled Mystical Heavenly Fire!"

As if in response to his proclamation, the white fireball burned brighter, steadily pressing forward like a predator approaching its prey.

The spirit fire flickered a few times before once again lunging at him.

Lu Ping's expression had been gloomy ever since guessing the identity of the spirit fire. When he saw it approaching him again, he quickly moved back while throwing out two high-grade spirit stones and causing them to explode.

Two massive waves of spiritual energy filled the space between

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