Chapter 360 – Xuan-Yan's Plan
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 360 – Xuan-Yan's Plan

As Lu Ping entered the place of inheritance, the light door closed and disappeared.

Xuan-Dian stood beside Xuan-Yan, but neither one spoke.

A few moments later, a middle-aged man walked down the stairs to the basement. Seeing them, he greeted, "Elder Senior Brother, Fourth Junior Brother!"

Xuan-Yan nodded softly, while Xuan-Dian smiled. "Third Senior Brother, you're here."

Xuan-Yan said scornfully, "He was here all along!"

The third senior martial brother smiled awkwardly, while Xuan-Dian quickly changed the topic, "Senior Brother, will it be alright?"

Xuan-Yan was disdainful. "What else can happen? It’s an Earth-class Heritage Token, we can't lower the heritage class."

Xuan-Dian smiled. "Of course it's not about that. Senior Brother, the spatial dimension you've opened has nothing good inside it. If Liu Tian-Ling were to pursue this matter, it will be troublesome."

Xuan-Yan gave Xuan-Dian a strange look, then said, "Little fourth, since when were you so meek? Is it because Liu Tian-Ling is now a Great Ancestor, that's why you’re intimidated by her?"

The third senior martial brother nodded. "That's right, Little Fourth. We alchemists are respected by the sect, since when do we need to care about anyone else, let alone someone like Liu Tian-Ling!"

Before Xuan-Dian could say anything, Xuan-Yan flared up and rebuked, "Xuan-Jing, shut your damn mouth! Let me be clear, the Pavilion of Alchemy belongs to the sect, it's not the property of our tutelage. We may be a lineage of Zhen Ling Sect and Liu Tian-Ling is your martial sibling, but don't you ever say anything like that in public anymore!"

Xuan-Jing was taken aback, not knowing why Xuan-Yan would be so furious all of a sudden. He looked at Xuan-Dian for an explanation.

Naturally, Xuan-Dian knew it was Lu Ping's statement that had enraged Xuan-Yan, hence he quickly changed the topic. "Elder Senior Brother, even Teacher doesn't speak much of the past. Teacher may not like Jiang Tian-Lin and Liu Tian-Ling, but he never made things difficult for them. Senior Brother, I'm

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