Chapter 359 – Pavilion of Alchemy
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 359 – Pavilion of Alchemy

Lu Ping was surprised. "Great Ancestor Chong Xuan was North Ocean's number one Grandmaster Smith. He fled to the East Ocean after Fei Ling Sect's annihilation. Did he forge this mystic treasure?"

"You’re quite knowledgeable."

Xuan-Huo praised, then shook his head. "Not him, but his official disciple, a Late Core Forging Realm Enlightened Master who was also a Grandmaster Smith. He was a powerful figure and just a fine line away from achieving the Avatar Realm. His name was Jiao Yu-Qiang."

Immediately, Lu Ping was left speechless as he recalled the underground basement in Fei Ling Island's Pavilion of Smithery. On the basement walls, one of the engraved phrases was "Surpass Jiao Yu-Qiang!"

And at last, Lu Ping knew who Jiao Yu-Qiang was. A talented figure who dominated his generation of cultivators four thousand years ago, and one whose name had not been forgotten by the cultivation world.

Seeing Lu Ping's flabbergasted expression, Xuan-Miao assumed he’d never heard of the name before. But the name obviously held great significance to Xuan-Huo as he continued to explain.

"The Water Manipulative banner is the first spirit nurturing mystic treasure that Jiao Yu-Qiang forged after becoming a Grandmaster Smith. Naturally, it is considered his most cherished and symbolic mystic treasure. During the annihilation of Fei Ling Sect, Jiao Yu-Qiang single-handedly killed five Late Core Forging Realm Enlightened Masters on his own, and even used the Water Manipulative Banner to withstand the attacks of a Great Ancestor, ultimately using it to kill the other.

"The death of this Great Ancestor terrified the cultivators to their cores; two Great Ancestors were forced to work together and besieged him. After a series of exhaustive battles, despite his depletion of true energy and divine revelation, Jiao Yu-Qiang managed to severely injure one of the Great Ancestors before he succumbed to death. The Water Manipulative Banner was also damaged and downgraded into a spirit emerging mystic treasure."

Xuan-Huo had a look of fascination and admiration as he explained, while Lu Ping asked concernedly, "Junior Uncle, can it still be repaired?"

But immediately after, Lu Ping realized he had asked a foolish question.

Sure enough, Xuan-Huo rolled his eyes and answered, "Why else was it left untouched inside the spatial dimension for four thousand years?"

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