Chapter 358.2 – Water Manipulative Banner
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 358.2 – Water Manipulative Banner

As the descendant of a Great Ancestor, and the daughter of two powerful Core Forging Realm parents, Lu Ping was certain that Shi Lingling would definitely be able to find someone else to do the job. After all, even though Lu Ping's alchemy was good, he still wasn't as good as the four experienced Master Alchemists in the sect.

However, Shi Lingling was surprised to hear Lu Ping's question. She quickly realized something, and said, "I didn't think that junior brother would be unaware of this. It seems that Senior Sister Hu has really shielded you from many affairs these last few years so that you could concentrate on your cultivation."

Shi Lingling paused, and then said, "The sect has always prohibited Enlightened Masters from interfering with the side hall's affairs, but things are different now. Newly-advanced Enlightened Masters, and those in the North Ocean Prodigies, are often assigned to teach in the side hall.

"Through this, the sect can bond the disciples closer together and also stimulate their cultivation potential. When Yao Yong, Du Feng, Chen Lian, and the others went to teach, the disciples all welcomed them warmly and became more enthusiastic in their cultivation."

Immediately, Lu Ping understood why Shi Lingling was looking for him. The other four Master Alchemists were older and they also weren’t in the North Ocean Prodigies, so they didn't fit either criteria. On the other hand, Lu Ping was the only young Master Alchemist in the sect and also on the list of North Ocean Prodigies. So, it could be no one else but him.

At the same time, he saw another layer of meaning behind the sect's assignment. Recalling these young and talented Enlightened Masters back from time to time not only increased their sense of belonging to the sect, it was also a means of protecting them and ensuring their safety.

After all, these young and talented Enlightened Masters were the future pillars of the sect, they had to be given enough time and room to grow, but not without adequate protection. However, there were exceptions, either by choice or by chance. For example, Lu Ping, who had ended up in the East Ocean by chance and was forced to grow on his own.

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