Chapter 361 – Diagnosing Xuan-Sen's Condition
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 361 – Diagnosing Xuan-Sen's Condition

Upon entering the alchemy room, all the people inside paused mid-discussion and looked at Lu Ping following behind Xuan-Dian.

Lu Ping openly received their gazes and even looked back calmly without any sign of uneasiness. Xuan-Dian found himself admiring the other man’s courage a little.

Then, Xuan-Dian introduced him to the crowd, "This is Senior Sister Liu Tian-Ling's ninth disciple, and the sect's newly promoted Master Alchemist, Junior Nephew Lu Xuan-Ping."

He politely directed Lu Ping's attention to an old man in his fifties. "Nephew Xuan-Ping, this is my teacher, Great Ancestor Tian-Lu."

Lu Ping bowed respectfully and greeted, "This disciple, Lu Xuan-Ping, greets Great Ancestor Tian-Lu!"

Great Ancestor Tian-Lu had a stoic and serious face, but he still smiled and replied happily when he saw Lu Ping. "Not bad, not bad at all. Come, have a seat. Xuan-Sen's condition requires all of us to come up with the best solution. As one of the five Master Alchemists in the sect, we urgently need your expertise. Take a look at his situation first before joining the discussion."

Lu Ping nodded politely, then turned his gaze towards the middle-aged man standing beside Great Ancestor Tian-Lu.

At first glance, the most eye-catching thing about him was his calm and unflinching demeanor. Despite being the center of discussion and at the edge of impairment, Xuan-Sen appeared unaffected by any negative emotions.

When Lu Ping looked at him, Xuan-Sen who was initially meditating in silence, opened his eyes and met his gaze, then gave a gentle smile.

Lu Ping quickly bowed slightly to greet the honorable senior who had devoted his life to the sect and ended up in this state.

Behind Xuan-Sen, there was an Enlightened Master, and a Peak Blood Condensation Realm disciple with a similar appearance to Xuan-Sen. They were probably Xuan-Sen's disciple and descendant.

The pair were also looking at Lu Ping with pleading eyes filled with hope. Lu Ping nodded softly in response.

He extended his divine revelation out to inspect Xuan-Sen's condition, who in turn didn't resist this intrusion.

Meanwhile, the alchemists in the room had resumed their discussion. However, most of them only shook their heads with a sigh; they clearly didn't think Xuan-Sen could recover from his injuries.

Behind Xuan-Sen, the two cultivators looked gloomier as the conversation went on. But they didn't dare to interfere and could only watch Lu Ping who was meticulously checking Xuan-Sen's injuries.

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