Chapter 33 - Rob
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Lu Ping waited for the cultivator who would take over his duties on the island to arrive. After that, he hurriedly returned to Xuan Qi Island and handed in the 400 pounds of spirit rice to the sect. Once he reported the situation of Huang Li Island to the Blood Condensation Realm master immortal in charge, his duty was completed.

After that, he paid Master Immortal Liu a visit and asked him some questions regarding his cultivation. Master Immortal Liu answered each of them in great detail, something Lu Ping was extremely grateful for.

Master Immortal Liu was a righteous man who treated each disciple fairly. As long as one worked hard and continued to show improvement, he would always give them unexpected rewards. Even though the rewards were often small, he always knew what would be the most beneficial for their cultivation.

If not for Master Immortal Liu quietly sheltering him under his wings, Lu Ping wouldn’t be the third strongest disciple in the seventh group. Otherwise, how could Lu Ping, an orphan, be able to suppress Li Cheng, a young noble from a cultivator clan?

Afterwards, Lu Ping met up with his martial siblings from the seventh group who had also just returned, and they talked about their experiences during the past three months. Together, they went to claim their stipend from the sect. Lu Ping’s stipend included 180 spirit stones for three months, 20 pounds of the common spirit seeds, and some other materials. Although Lu Ping had no use for the common spirit seeds, he still wouldn’t reject something given for free.

Just like that, a third of their three-day holiday was over.

On the second day, everyone teleported to the nearest medium island, Di Qun Island, to buy cultivation resources. Meanwhile, Lu Ping had to spend a few more spirit stones to teleport back to the Medicinal Pellet Store in Zhen Ling Side Hall for his medicinal pellet supplies. Fortunately, there were other cultivators who needed to return to Zhen Ling Side Hall as well, so by sharing the cost of teleportation, he saved a lot of spirit stones.

He bought some medicinal pellets, spiritual spring water, charm papers, spiritual inks, and also sold out his crafted charms at the market. After that, he hurried back to Xuan Qi Island and rested for the night.

On the third day, everyone bid farewell and returned to their respective islands.

As soon as he returned, the Spirit Seeking Mouse—who he named Dabao—appeared out of nowhere and crawled up along his pants to his hand. It squeaked happily as if it had accomplished some important feat.

A smile radiating across Lu Ping’s face, he took out a Spirit Beast Pellet concocted from the spirit rice and rewarded it to Dabao. “Dabao, you found a spirit-gathering land? Quickly, bring me to see it!”

Dabao finished the pellet and nodded its head rapidly. Then, it jumped down from Lu Ping’s hand and rushed out. Lu Ping followed closely behind the little mouse as it headed toward the eastern part of Huang Li Island. He couldn’t help feeling puzzled at its actions.

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