Chapter 34 - Covering Traces
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 34 - Covering Traces

Lin Sheng shouted so loud that he made himself dizzy. Spirit Reduction Powder had two uses. Externally, it could isolate the connection between a cultivator and the spiritual energy in the environment; internally, it temporarily weakened the power in a cultivator’s bloodline, his arcane energy and cultivation base.

But of course, such a despicable powder only affected Blood Refining Realm cultivators. Unfortunately, Lin Sheng happened to be in the effective range!

A black flying saber cut through the rain, like a specter suddenly appearing from the darkness. It jabbed straight toward Lin Sheng’s chest. The cultivator gave a loud battle cry, cast out a mid-grade flying sword and parried the flying saber far away.

But just as Lin Sheng blocked the attack, another flying sword was already halfway to Lin Sheng’s neck. Lin Sheng snorted and a handkerchief suddenly unfolded in front of him. The handkerchief wrapped around the flying sword and directed it elsewhere—the handkerchief was another mid-grade mystic instrument.

Under the powder’s effects, Lin Sheng’s arcane energy dwindled away and he could no longer cast his two mid-grade mystic instruments. It was at this moment that a cold wind surged from behind his head, and Lin Sheng, who had no time to react, was finally knocked out into the dark abyss of unconsciousness.

His last thought before blacking out was that whoever had ambushed him must be at Peak Ninth Layer Blood Refining Realm—at the very least—since they could cast three mystic instruments all at once.

Little did he know, Lu Ping had actually casted a fourth mystic instrument—the jade bottle that was hovering above ground sprinkling the Spirit Reduction Powder into the air. He also casted a spell controlling the breeze to blow toward him!

Lu Ping fought hard to suppress the excitement in his heart. He expressionlessly cast a spell to disguise his face, Moving cautiously, he seized Lin Sheng’s interspatial pouch and the interspatial pouch of spirit stones.

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Then, he cast the jade bottle and poured a few mouthfuls of Spirit Reduction Powder into Lin Sheng’s mouth. This way, he could ensure that Lin Sheng would only wake up the following afternoon, and then he would have to spend another day to fully recover his strength.

Lu Ping didn’t even inspect the contents in the interspatial pouches and just directly transferred everything into his own interspatial pouch. Then, he immediately destroyed both pouches on the spot.

Moving ahead, he saw several miners waiting at the entrance of the mine. He threatened them to hand over the spirit stones they mined for the past ten days and then checked everywhere on the island. There were several spirit paddy fields on the island, adding up to the size of one-acre—he plundered all the spirit rice he could find.

After that, he searched through Lin Sheng’s cultivation room and found a precious treasure—a low-grade Spirit Gathering Putuan. The putuan was actually the keystone of an array formation that had

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