Chapter 35 - Eavesdrop
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 35 - Eavesdrop

After stocking up his cultivation resources for the next three months, Lu Ping learned from Shi Lingling that Di Kun Island’s market would hold an auction for the Blood Refining Realm disciples in half a year’s time. He decided he would take a look and maybe trade his worthless items for something more useful.

In the meantime, his cultivation had been increasingly stressful of late. It was time to check the treasure he plundered from Lin Sheng.

A hundred miles southeast from Huang Yu Island, the sea was filled with underwater coral and reefs. Flying in from a distance, a carriage-shaped mystic instrument arrived at the sea. When it stopped, four cultivators clad in Xuan Ling Sect disciple outfits alighted from the carriage.

Among them, a roughly 25-year-old disciple who was presumably their leader said, “No more further to the north or we’ll be entering Zhen Ling Sect’s territory.”

The youngest one among them, a 16-year-old looking young man asked, “Senior Martial Brother Qiao, has the Zhen Ling Sect gone mad? They’ve just occupied Xuan Qi Island and yet they still keep sending their Blood Condensation Realm cultivators to our sea territories. Are they trying to occupy more of our islands?”

A female cultivator standing beside Senior Martial Brother Qiao chuckled. “Junior Martial Brother Zhou, Zhen Ling Sect can only occupy Xuan Qi Island because they were lucky enough to have a sensible reason to do so. Otherwise, why should we, Xuan Ling Sect, the strongest sect in the North Ocean, be afraid of Zhen Ling Sect? We rule more than thousands of islands, what does one island matter anyway? Just see it as a little gift we bestowed to Zhen Ling Sect.”

Senior Martial Brother Qiao eyed the female cultivator. “Don’t let your guard down. We’re here to patrol the sea this time. We may not know what Zhen Ling Sect is up to yet, but there have been reports of three Zhen Ling Sect cultivators sneaking around the nearby sea. It’s like they’re looking for something.”

Just as he spoke, a flicker of light flashed from Huang Li Island’s direction, and a short and little cultivator landed beside the four. Upon seeing the cultivator’s arrival, Senior Martial Brother Qiao quickly asked, “Junior Martial Brother Yin, have you learned their objective?”

Junior Martial Brother Yin nodded and said, “It seems like they’ve discovered a cultivator’s cave-dwelling. The three of them stopped on an island fifty miles south of Huang Li Island. They haven’t found the exact location of the cave-dwelling yet, but they seem to be running out of supplies and plan to return to Zhen Ling Sect to stock up first. They’ll return three days from now.”

Senior Martial Brother Qiao asked, “How about their cultivation levels?”

“Two Ninth Layer Blood Refining Realm, another one in the Eighth Layer. All three of them own mystic instruments.”

“Let’s do it!” The previously silent cultivator behind Senior Martial Brother Qiao suddenly spoke up viciously.

After some thought, Senior Martial Brother Qiao agreed. “Four of u

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