Chapter 36 - Sudden Change
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 36 - Sudden Change

Three days later, on the nameless island fifty miles south of Huang Li Island.

Three flashes of lights shot across the horizon and landed on the island. They were two young ladies and a young man, all donning the garments of Zhen Ling Sect disciples.

To Lu Ping’s surprise, he recognized three of them.

The lady clad in red was Hu Lili, the young lady who exchanged a batch of blood charms from Lu Ping in the trade fair. The lady clad in green was the outer disciple who sold Lu Ping the copper mirror mystic instrument; she was just a Grade 3 disciple back then. The honest-looking young man, who was also the weakest in cultivation level, was the one who traded Dark Iron for Lu Ping’s wolf teeth club mystic instrument.

Lu Ping had been hiding on the island with an Invisibility Charm and Spirit Concealing Charm for almost two days. He was surprised at seeing them together; he never thought the three of them would team up.

The lady in green glanced around and said to the lady in red, “Sister Lili, this should be it, right? We’ve been searching the sea for almost two months now.”

Hu Lili smiled and replied, “It should be. I’ve spent months looking up a lot of jade scrolls before I narrowed it down to this area.”

The honest-looking young man said, “Hehe, how nice would it be if this really were Cultivator Sheng Tao’s cave-dwelling. A hundred years ago, he was a famous alchemist in the North Ocean. We would be fortunate to find some Blood Condensation Pellets inside.”

Hu Lili gave him a look and said, “Niu Dazhuang, don’t always dream about good things. After all, it has been a hundred years, who knows what remains inside. Someone else might have plundered this cave-dwelling clean long before us.”

Niu Dazhuang smiled and stayed silent. The lady in green continued, “Brother Da Zhuang, the cave-dwelling might be protected by an array formation. We may need your mystic instrument to break it.”

Pounding his chest, Niu Dazhuang said, “No problem! It’s not like you’ve never seen my mystic instrument. It may be low-grade, but its attack is definitely ranked at mid-grade. After all, I exchanged a piece of Dark Iron for it.”

At the mention of the trade fair, Hu Lili said, “Speaking of that Lu Ping, after the trade fair, I traded a few dozen blood charms from him in preparation for today. He’s quite good at charm-crafting and an expert among the Grade 3 disciples. If only we knew him better, it would’ve been nice to invite him to join us today.”

Hu Lili suddenly remembered something and she said to the lady in green, “Zheng Jie, didn’t you make a trade with him too?”

The lady in green, Zheng Jie, twitched her lips. “That guy is a miser. He really took advantage of me in that trade.”

Hu Lili, who was walking while meticulously observing her surroundings, smiled and didn’t answer. Suddenly, she stopped to take out an old map and compared it to their location.

“It’s here. See that rock assemblage on the east? It’s actually an illusionary array formation. Behind the array is Cultivat

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