Chapter 37 - Hiding
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The huge sea snake’s appearance and its wave of ghastly aura made it clear to all that it was a monster in the Blood Condensation Realm.

Lu Ping watched its unexpected entrance with a trembling heart. Frozen with shock, he didn’t dare move an inch from his hiding place.

On the other hand, Hu Lili used her entire strength to hold back Niu Dazhuang, who was intending to sacrifice his life to fight for their survival. Without a care for her shoulder injury, she used her wounded arm to cover Zheng Jie’s mouth, preventing her from screaming out in shock.

When the Xuan Ling Sect disciples saw the sea snake, Senior Martial Brother Qiao was the first to react, shouting at the top of his lungs, “Run!”

With that, he was also the first to flee to the sea whereas the other four fled on their own in all directions.

At that moment, Lu Ping could clearly see the disdain within the sea snake’s eyes. Sure enough, monsters in the Blood Condensation Realm had cognitive capabilities like humans.

The sea snake watched as the five made their escape. Then, it casually waved its tail and launched Junior Martial Brother Yin into the air, his body flying more than dozens of feet before slamming onto the ground, seemingly dead.

Then, the sea snake opened its mouth to spurt out a jet of venom. The female Xuan Ling Sect disciple quickly cast out a defensive mystic instrument to protect herself.

Chi, chi

Smoke rose as the venom corroded the defensive mystic instrument, leaving several holes as the toxic material splashed onto the female cultivator’s body.

In the midst of her shrieks of pain, everyone’s hearts were stricken with despair.

Hu Lili and the Zhen Ling Sect disciples still remained on the same spot as they didn’t dare to move. The sea snake opened its mouth again. This time, two snake fangs flew out and morphed into two dagger-like mid-grade mystic instruments.

The daggers flew straight for Junior Martial Brother Zhou and the other cultivator. While the two hurriedly released their mystic instruments to defend themselves, the daggers abruptly took a sharp turn and flashed out. Their speed was much faster than mystic instruments wielded by Blood Refining Realm cultivators.

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This was the advantage of the Blood Condensation Realm’s divine sense. It was also the reason why mystic instruments could only unleash their full capabilities in the hands of a Blood Condensation Realm cultivator.

Sure enough, the sudden change in direction took the disciples by surprise, and in just a few moves, the daggers succeeded in wounding them. Their faces instantly turned dark and they collapsed to the ground, dead from the daggers’ venoms.

In just a few moments, four out of the five Xuan Ling Sect disciples were killed, leaving just Senior Martial Brother Qiao alive. Knowing that there was no hope in escaping anymore, he turned around and faced the sea snake. He floated his two mid-grade mystic instruments around him, one for attack and one for defense.


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