Chapter 38 - Kill
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Seeing the sea snake moving towards him in anger, Lu Ping had no time to escape. Hence, he cast out his mid-grade flying sword and aimed for the sea snake’s eyes.

The sea snake’s anger was only exacerbated upon seeing Lu Ping’s provocation. It cast out its snake fang daggers from its mouth, one parried the incoming flying sword while the other headed straight for Lu Ping.

A small stone pagoda rose above Lu Ping’s head and a curtain of yellow light shone down on him, the light barrier blocking the dagger outside.

Seeing that the snake fang dagger had been stopped, Lu Ping’s flustered heart calmed down immediately. After all, the sea snake was badly injured now; its strength had weakened considerably.

Thoughts flashed in his mind as he crafted a plan against the sea snake. Panicking was not an option during critical times like this. The only thing he could do now was to go all out.

After seeing its attack blocked, the sea snake grew angrier and spurted a jet of venom towards the stone pagoda hovering above Lu Ping.

Lu Ping quickly cast out a jade bottle and a jet of water spurted out against the venom, the liquids clashing in midair. Most of the venom splashed to the side, and the water diluted the rest to a level that couldn’t even corrode the light barrier from the stone pagoda.

Seeing that its attack had no effect again, the sea snake abruptly lunged forward. Suddenly, Lu Ping shouted, “Burst!”

Boom, boom, boom—

A series of explosions occurred underneath the sea snake, accompanied by smoke, golden lights, vines, and ice frost.

These were the Parent-child Landmine Charms that Lu Ping invented based on the Parent-child Warning Charms. He was initially planning to use them on the Xuan Ling Sect disciples, but now they were used on the sea snake.

The attacks caught the sea snake by surprise. The fireballs and golden swords blasted its body. Although its scales were incredibly strong in defense, the sea snake had been unprepared for such attacks. A heart-piercing pain swept through it as the scales hit by the attacks fell off from its body.

The sea snake tried to slither away from the sudden attacks but the vines and ice frost imprisoned its body to the ground.

Lu Ping seized this chance to cast the mid-grade mystic instrument he plundered from Lin Sheng, aiming it at the sea snake’s wound incurred by the talisman treasure.

Because its body was trapped to the ground and couldn’t evade, the sea snake could only cast out its snake tongue sword. The snake tongue sword was its life-weapon, it was extremely strong. As it clashed with the flying sword, Lu Ping felt a strong force hitting his chest and a jet of blood gushed up his throat.

He managed to hold back from spurting out the blood, then cast out the fifth flying sword!

Lu Ping, a Ninth Layer Blood Refining Realm cultivator who could wield three mid-grade and two low-grade mystic instruments at the same time—anyone who witnessed this would praise him for his strong and abundant arcane energy. But who would’ve thought that Lu Ping would use every morsel of strength in battle and go beyond his limits. He didn’t even realize he was casting five mystic instruments at the same time.

The flying sword glimmered with blood-red light, it carried Lu Ping’s last hope as it flew resolutely towards the sea snake.

The sea snake clearly felt a huge threat from the weird-looking flying sword. It wildly swayed its body in an attempt to move sideways. At the same time, it recalled the snake fang dagger that was attacking Lu Ping’s light barrier. But it was too late, the snake fang dagger couldn’t catch up with the flying sword’s speed at all.

At that moment, the sea snake finally broke free from the imprisoning charms. Even badly wounded, the body of a Blood Condensation Realm monster was still incredibly strong.

It raised its huge snake tail up front and blocked the incoming fifth flying sword.


At the point of impact, the flying sword pierced a few inches into the snake’s scale. It was such an insignificant wound that only brought a slight moment of pain, something the sea snake wouldn’t even bother noticing.

Just as the sea snake felt a little surprised by the flying sword’s insignificant attack, a wave of strange power rippled out from the flying sword.


A loud explosion hit their ears as the flying sword exploded away. The impact blasted the sea snake’s tail into two sections The shattered pieces from the flying sword scattered and cut wounds all over its body, even one of its eyes was stabbed blind by a piece of flying sword, causing blood to gush out from its eye.

Lu Ping was frustrated that the flying sword didn’t hit its lethal point, but was still shocked by the power of the [Blood Sacrificial Art].

Although the sea snake was dealt another heavy blow, it still didn’t die, but its strength was greatly weakened one more time.

On the other hand, Lu Ping’s situation was incredibly perilous now. He was already barely able to defend against the snake fang daggers and snake tongue sword. Wielding five mystic instruments together at the same time had almost depleted his arcane energy. He couldn’t even remember how many Spirit Regenerating Pellets he’d taken.

Fortunately, the explosion of the flying sword had destroyed one of the snake fang daggers. The explosion greatly injured the sea snake, causing it to stop its attacks. Lu Ping quickly seized the opportunity to recall a flying sword and the jade bottle, leaving just one flying sword and stone pagoda around him.

The sea snake was rolling its body on the ground from the explosion. It looked at Lu Ping with its remaining eye—all that reflected within was mad killing intent.

Lu Ping frantically fled through the island, while the sea snake razed everything in its path.

Lu Ping noticed the sea snake was bleeding nonstop and initially planned to exhaust the sea snake to its death. However, little did he know that the sea snake was after all, a Blood Condensation Realm monster; its prowess was beyond him. Even severely wounded, it was still much faster than him in speed.

Left with no choice, Lu Ping could only use the [Blood Spirit Escape] in desperation.

On the sea island, a huge sea snake moved swiftly with the aid of the monstrous wind it cast, chasing wildly after a bloodied human. The sea snake ravaged everything it passed by and almost half of the sea island sunk under its rampage.

As time passed, the sea snake eventually felt the effects of its flagging strength from the nonstop bleeding. With its arcane energy depleted, the painful wounds causing convulsions on its body, it finally couldn’t keep up anymore and slowed down its pursuit.

Lu Ping consumed another Blood Spirit Pellet and Spirit Regenerating Pellet—-the chance he’d been waiting for had finally arrived. At the end of his tether and feeling like he could collapse at any moment, he turned to face the sea snake.

In this situation, whoever that could hold out longer would be the winner and could claim everything on the island.

When he thought about the fortune inside the cave-dwelling, the interspatial pouches of the Xuan Ling Sect disciples, and the sea snake, Lu Ping’s eyes lit up and he roused himself to get through this pressing situation.

In stark comparison, the sea snake only grew weaker.

Lu Ping cast out his flying swords again and aimed for the sea snake’s wounds, eyes, and lethal points. At the same time, he released dozens of top-grade blood charms that turned into various spells and bombarded the sea snake.

The sea snake sensed its imminent death and out of fear unleashed every last strand of its energy, desperately defending against Lu Ping’s attacks.

It barely protected itself from Lu Ping’s attacks, when it suddenly found itself covered by a shadow. It looked up and saw a seal stamp inscribed with the word “Landslide” above it, moments before it rammed down heavily on the sea snake’s head.

Its huge body whipped wildly on the ground after taking a direct hit from the mystic instrument. The Landslide floated up only to ram down one more time. This time, the mystic instrument slammed the snake’s head to the ground and its movements slowed into trembling convulsions.

Landslide hovered up and rammed down a third time. This time, it hammered the sea snake’s head deep into the ground and its body stopped moving entirely. It was dead.

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The sea snake’s death meant that the driving force supporting Lu Ping to continue fighting was fulfilled. And so, he immediately collapsed to the ground in exhaustion, unwilling to move a single inch.

However, just a few moments later, Lu Ping struggled to sit up and started to meditate. The [Blood Condensation Bone Melting Art] slowly recirculated in his body and the medicinal pellets he consumed were taking effect. After recirculating the cultivation method for one round, Lu Ping gathered some energy to support himself and he began cleaning the battlefield.

He didn’t know if Hu Lili and her friends would return to the island, or whether they might return to the sect and bring experts to the island back with them. Hence, Lu Ping’s only thought was to leave the battlefield before anyone else arrived.

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