Chapter 38 - Kill
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Seeing the sea snake moving towards him in anger, Lu Ping had no time to escape. Hence, he cast out his mid-grade flying sword and aimed for the sea snake’s eyes.

The sea snake’s anger was only exacerbated upon seeing Lu Ping’s provocation. It cast out its snake fang daggers from its mouth, one parried the incoming flying sword while the other headed straight for Lu Ping.

A small stone pagoda rose above Lu Ping’s head and a curtain of yellow light shone down on him, the light barrier blocking the dagger outside.

Seeing that the snake fang dagger had been stopped, Lu Ping’s flustered heart calmed down immediately. After all, the sea snake was badly injured now; its strength had weakened considerably.

Thoughts flashed in his mind as he crafted a plan against the sea snake. Panicking was not an option during critical times like this. The only thing he could do now was to go all out.

After seeing its attack blocked, the sea snake grew angrier and spurted a jet of venom towards the stone pagoda hovering above Lu Ping.

Lu Ping quickly cast out a jade bottle and a jet of water spurted out against the venom, the liquids clashing in midair. Most of the venom splashed to the side, and the water diluted the rest to a level that couldn’t even corrode the light barrier from the stone pagoda.

Seeing that its attack had no effect again, the sea snake abruptly lunged forward. Suddenly, Lu Ping shouted, “Burst!”

Boom, boom, boom—

A series of explosions occurred underneath the sea snake, accompanied by smoke, golden lights, vines, and ice frost.

These were the Parent-child Landmine Charms that Lu Ping invented based on the Parent-child Warning Charms. He was initially planning to use them on the Xuan Ling Sect disciples, but now they were used on the sea snake.

The attacks caught the sea snake by surprise. The fireballs and golden swords blasted its body. Although its scales were incredibly strong in defense, the sea snake had been unprepared for such attacks. A heart-piercing pain swept through it as the scales hit by the attacks f

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