Chapter 39 - Cave-Dwelling
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 39 - Cave-Dwelling

After Lu Ping escaped from death’s claws, he started cleaning up the battlefield. He began with the five Xuan Ling Sect disciples’ belongings. He collected their interspatial pouches and plundered six mystic instruments, two of which were mid-grade and the remaining four were low-grade.

Lu Ping looked with pity at the two mid-grade mystic instruments Senior Martial Brother Qiao had used. They were clearly of high-quality, but unfortunately, Senior Martial Brother Qiao had sacrificed them so he could activate the talisman treasure. Hence, they were destroyed by the sea snake.

Other than that, there were more than 1,300 spirit stones altogether. Among which, Senior Martial Brother Qiao alone contributed to more than 600 spirit stones. In addition to owning a talisman treasure, Lu Ping could say for sure that Senior Martial Brother Qiao was definitely an important talent, with a background that was even stronger than Lin Sheng’s Lin Clan.

Sure enough, when Lu Ping was counting the medicinal pellets, the other four disciples only had six bottles of Blood Essence Pellets combined while Senior Martial Brother Qiao alone had two bottles of Blood Solidifying Pellets and two bottles of Blood Essence Pellets.

However, what surprised and excited Lu Ping the most was something else entirely. He found two 500-year-old spirit herbs that were used to concoct Blood Condensing Pellets. This meant that Lu Ping had finally gathered eight Blood Condensing Pellet’s spirit herbs, enough to exchange for one Blood Condensing Pellet. This also increased Lu Ping’s hopes of advancing into the Blood Condensation Realm.

The wealth plundered from the five Xuan Ling Sect disciples were so abundant that it made Lu Ping forget his injuries and exhaustion. He turned his eyes to the carcass of the huge sea snake.

Lu Ping had first-hand experience with the defensive capability of the sea snake’s skin. He estimated that it was strong enough to forge into a mid-grade defensive mystic instrument. Although one of the two snake fang daggers had been destroyed, the one remaining was still a strong mystic instrument that could be used for sneak attacks and assassinations.

As for the snake tongue sword, even though it was the sea snake’s life-weapon and incredibly strong, it was only as good as an ordinary mid-grade mystic instrument after the sea snake’s death.

Lu Ping cut open the monster’s huge body with his flying sword and dug out a huge gallbladder. This was one of the essences of the sea snake, a must-have ingredient for several Blood Condensation Realm medicinal pellets. It was extremely precious.

After that, Lu Ping opened up the snake’s weak point and dug out its perfectly intact heart. This was the most precious part of the entire sea snake!

He carefully cut open the huge heart with the Flying Swallow Sword and four pearl-like blood beads rolled out. Lu Ping quickly captured them inside a bottle that he prepared beforehand. He still felt worried even after sealing the bottle, so he put the container insi

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