Chapter 40 - Discover
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 40 - Discover

Lu Ping refined the cauldron and immediately put it inside his new interspatial pouch.

After that, he moved around the alchemy room as if he was looking for something. Finally, he found a piece of rock that looked different from the rest in front of the putuan that the cauldron was placed on.

He placed his hand on the rock and the stone slabs on the floor began to retract, revealing the chassis of an array formation. In the center of the chassis, there was a ball of blue fire the size of an egg.

Lu Ping was overjoyed. This was the seed of the Mystic-class spirit fire, Azure Spirit Fire. One could say this was Cultivator Sheng Tao’s most valuable possession. Hence, it would naturally be Lu Ping’s biggest reward for this trip.

Spirit fires were born in nature. According to their uses, they were classified into three classes: Heaven, Earth, and Mystic. However, their numbers weren’t directly proportional to the classes. Perhaps, there were even more Earth-class spirit fires than Mystic-class spirit fires in the cultivation world.

However, no matter what class the spirit fires were, they were extremely rare and hard to find. One could even say that half of Sheng Tao’s fame as an alchemist was due to this Mystic spirit fire he owned.

These spirit fires could be used to concoct medicinal pellets in alchemy and also to forge equipment in smithery. But because the spirit fires were rare in nature, most alchemists and smiths were forced to use their arcane energy as arcane fire. Although arcane fire would also work, it took up a lot of cultivation time. And so, this became one of the difficulties that both alchemists and smiths had to face.

The array formation underneath Azure Spirit Fire was called the Spirit Kindling Array. With this array formation, the alchemist only had to insert spirit stones into the array and he could then kindle the Azure Spirit Fire to concoct the medicinal pellets. However, since a hundred years had passed, the spirit stones in the array formation had long lost their spiritual energy and turned into piles of dust.

Lu Ping sealed the spirit fire and stored it in a jade bottle. He then put away the entire array formation chassis into the interspatial pouch.

Lu Ping was now numbed by this veritable treasure trove in the cave-dwelling. He could no longer stir up a response to all the wealth in front of him.

Lu Ping returned to the entrance of the cave-dwelling and placed a few spirit stones on the inconspicuous sunken holes on the stone wall in front of the cave. The spirit stones flickered with light and Lu Ping disappeared from the spot.

It seemed that a small teleportation array had been placed in front of the cave-dwelling’s entrance.

Inside a large enclosed cave, there was a sudden flash of light and Lu Ping miraculously appeared in the cave.

He could already feel the spiritual energy surrounding him in the air. Lu Ping’s heart thudded with happiness—it seemed like Senior Sheng Tao had been correct.

Many years ago, Sheng Tao discovered a mini

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