Chapter 41 - Accumulate
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 41 - Accumulate

After returning from a rewarding journey, Lu Ping was still immersed in his delight. For many years, his Dao heart had been tranquil, unmoved by the things around him. But that tranquility had been shattered after this journey.

Lu Ping sat in his cultivation room the entire day and still couldn’t calm his undulating mind. He recalled the days where he would rather die than waste a single spirit stone and he couldn’t calm himself anymore. He fell into a memory of the past.

An unknown amount of time passed by, Lu Ping finally remembered his tutoring session with Master Immortal Liu when he entered the Eighth Layer Blood Refining Realm. Master Immortal Liu had asked for his reason for cultivating, and Lu Ping was resolute and unswerving in his answer.

“Long life.”

“Initially, I had a lot of thoughts going on in my head, lots of answers, and each of them was reasonable and something I wished for. But in the end, this is the one and only answer that I find the most realistic and most true. All the other answers will fade with time but this, this is the one wish that will remain to the end of time.”

And Master Immortal Liu laughed heartily when he heard Lu Ping’s answer.

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Lu Ping’s turbulent thoughts finally cleared up and his eyes shone brightly. I cultivate for a long life. Even though this wealth is beyond what I’ve ever owned before, it is nothing but an illusion in my chase for a long life. Senior Sheng Tao was the possessor of this wealth before, but even he couldn’t keep it forever and died in the end!

What I need to do is to convert this wealth into useful resources that assist my cultivation. Little by little, day by day, I will eventually reinforce my foundation enough to reach a new stage in cultivation.

After clearing his mind and attaining a deeper insight into his purpose, Lu Ping regained his usual composure and returned to his intense yet unremarkable cultivation.

After experiencing a life-and-death battle, Lu Ping’s willpower and prowess had significantly improved. With a sufficient supply of Blood Solidifying Pellets and Blood Vigor Pellets, his cultivation base quickly broke through to mid-stage Ninth Layer in the Blood Refining Realm and advanced to the peak of the Ninth layer.

At the same time, his arcane energy grew more abundant and stronger. After the battle with the sea snake, Lu Ping learned the importance of having an ample supply of arcane energy. Hence, he liberally used his medicinal pellets to consolidate his cultivation base even more.

Lu Ping’s cultivation right now was quite costly. Every day, he used four spirit stones and cultivated on the spirit-gathering putuan. In addition to the three bottles of Blood Vigor Pellets from the island battles, Lu Ping had hastened his cultivation progress immensely. It was no surprise that his cultivation base would improve so much.

Three months later, Lu Ping arrived in the Xuan Qi Island and learned that First Senior Martial Brother Yao Yong was preparing to break through to th

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