Chapter 32 - Operate
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 32 - Operate

Huang Li Island was actually quite large for a mini island. Such islands normally had a radius of about ten miles, but can reach up to a larger range in size.

Such was the case with Huang Li Island. It had a radius of more than twenty miles and at its center was a small mountain. On the small mountain was a lush small forest where two narrow rivers originated from. The first river flowed from the forest to the northeast and the other to the southeast into the seas.

The sides of the mountain were mostly flat fields with fertile soils where the islanders planted their food, especially on the eastern side of the island, which was positioned between the two rivers and had the flattest terrain. Hence, due to the sufficient water source nearby, a lot of paddy fields were built here.

In comparison, the western part of the island had a relatively small population and much less arable land. However, many fruit farms were located here and the area was geographically suitable as a natural harbor; the fishermen on the island moored their boats there. The islanders would also chop lumber from the forest atop the mountain, transporting them down to build fishing boats.

With the harvest being bountiful, life on the island wasn’t bad overall.

Lu Ping’s arrival only caught the attention of several leaders, and he settled down at the same place the Xuan Ling Sect disciple had been stationed on the island.

When the islanders learned that their new master immortal had saved the fishermen from the sea beasts last time, they were all extremely happy. They believed that Master Immortal Lu was not as arrogant as the other master immortals; he was kind and good-hearted, and even willing to help the islanders from danger. And so, on the day of his arrival, several islanders bestowed him with local goods, filling his abode with gifts.

Moved by the kindness of the islanders, Lu Ping decided to treat them well for the next three years.

After Lu Ping settled down, other than his daily cultivation and routine patrol over the island, he also began to operate and manage his own little base.

Search for the original.

He first checked the island’s spirit paddy field. The five-acre spirit paddy fields were distributed across seven locations on the island. Their overall condition was quite satisfactory and the scattered underground spirit veins were also stable. He could tell that the previous Xuan Ling Sect disciple took good care of the island’s one and only cultivation resource.

Spirit rice was the main source of food for Blood Refining Realm and Blood Condensation Realm cultivators who had yet to achieve grain avoidance. The spiritual energy contained in spirit food was helpful for their cultivation and for strengthening their bodies, especially daily foods like spirit rice that affected them subtly over time.

After casting a growth spell on the spirit seeds, Lu Ping planted them in the spirit paddy field. He covered the seeds with a layer of soil and then took out a jade bottle, hov

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