Chapter 31 - Calculate
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 31 - Calculate

His trip to the Medicinal Pellet Store left Lu Ping with mixed feelings of gloom and happiness. He was happy because his cultivation progress would not slow down due to the lack of medicinal pellets. The painful thing was that by Lu Ping’s estimations, he could only maintain this flow of cultivation resources for only a year.

Feeling depressed, he shook his head and decided to leave this matter behind for now. After all, he still had a year’s time to find a way to plunder more spirit stones.

Huh? Plunder? Why not think about earning spirit stones instead?

Lu Ping thought about all the preparations he needed that required spirit stones. In the end he decided not to dwell on that which could lead his life astray.

After resolving the issue with cultivation resources, it was time to make preparations for the upcoming sect mission.

For this three-year sect mission on Xuan Qi Island, he was highly likely to be stationed on one of the mini islands. Even if they assigned him to stay on Xuan Qi Island, he would be entrusted with the cultivation and excavation of its spiritual resources.

Either way, this was a new experience for him, and therefore, he needed to be prepared in advance. Otherwise, if he caused damage to the sect’s properties due to improper supervision, his rightful benefits would be forfeit, and worse, he might even have to compensate the sect’s losses.

The planting of spirit rice was a task that every disciple had to carry out. Thus, Lu Ping bought some quality spirit rice seeds at the spirit rice store. He was told that these seeds could increase the plantation’s yield by twenty percent. He bought 20 pounds of seeds with 20 spirit stones.

In the spirit pet store, Lu Ping bought a low-level Class One monster, the Spirit Seeking Mouse.

He also bought mountain spring water, which contained spiritual energy from a spirit vein located in Zhen Ling Sect. He planned to dilute it and use it to water the spirit paddies, spirit herbs, and spirit materials.

Then, he bought some charm papers, spirit ink, and enough cul

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