Chapter 30 - Business
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 30 - Business

Sure enough, Lu Ping saw the names of several top-grade medicinal pellets that were used for different cultivation ranks of the Blood Refining Realm—Blood Solidifying Pellets were among them. Overjoyed, Lu Ping quickly asked, “Little Brother, how much for the Blood Solidifying Pellets?”

The worker looked at the list and said, “Four contribution points for one Blood Solidifying Pellet. If you buy one bottle of ten pellets, we’ll discount the price to 35 contribution points.”

At hearing this, Lu Ping couldn’t help but say, “That’s quite expensive. Four contribution points can be exchanged for 12 spirit stones. Blood Solidifying Pellets are only twice as good as Blood Essence Pellets and a Blood Essence Pellet is only worth 4 spirit stones in the market.”

The worker shrugged and raised his hands helplessly. “Master Immortal, the rarer it is, the greater its value. We sell by the bottle here, and even then, we’re constantly on the lookout for the sect’s investigations. We need to maintain a good relationship with different parties. That all costs spirit stones!”

Lu Ping looked at the shady expression on the worker’s face. He knew there was some truth in his explanation, but most of it was a lie. This might be another way for them to profit that had received tacit approval by the sect.

In the end, since he had to rely on them for medicinal pellets, he had to play by their rules. He looked at his remaining 20 contribution points. After some deliberation, he took out a jade box from his interspatial pouch and handed it to the worker. “How many contribution points can I get for this Void Green Grass?”

This spirit herb was one of Lu Ping’s gains from Xuan Qi Island. He only knew that the Void Green Grass was used to concoct a type of Blood Condensation Realm medicinal pellet but not what kind. The jade scroll given to him by Master Immortal Liu didn’t mention anything about it.

The worker took out the spirit herb and placed it on the counter. On the counter was a mystic instrument linked to a jade scroll. This was a special instrument the mortals used to access information contained inside a jade scroll.

After carefully inspecting the spirit herb, the worker said, “It really is a 500-year Void Green Grass. This is used to concoct the Arcane Jade Pellet. According to the sect’s rules, it can be exchanged for 15 contribution points.”

With the 20 contribution points I have left, that adds up to the exact price of a bottle of Blood Solidifying Pellets, Lu Ping thought. “How about spirit herbs used to concoct Blood Condensation Pellets? How many contribution points can I get for those?”

The worker’s eyes brightened up, and he hurriedly said, “Master Immortal, do you have one like that? Those are worth 35 contribution points each. The sect has no limitations on such items, so we can take up every single piece, as many as you have. If you have four or more, that’s worth 5 more contribution points each!”

Lu Ping saw the anticipation on the worker’s face and he cursed these dishonest traders. Since he wasn’t an idiot, he shook his head, “How would I be lucky enough to get my hands on one? I’m just asking out of curiosity.”

The worker was disappointed to hear this. Lu Ping took out his identity tag and said, “Well then, I’ll buy a bottle of Blood Solidifying Pellets for now.”

The worker watched Lu Ping reluctantly hand over his identity tag. With a soft smile, he said, “Master Immortal, you can also use spirit stones.”

Lu Ping immediately perked up. He’d been too focused on getting the medicinal pellets that he forgot to ask. He quickly said, “What’s the price?”

The worker noticed the eagerness in Lu Ping’s question and immediately realized that he might be a big customer. “Master immortal, please wait for a moment. I will go and call my store master.”

The worker walked into the backroom and shortly after, walked back out following behind a middle-aged cultivator.

The worker made the introductions. “This is my store master, his surname is Xu.”

Lu Ping picked up the strong pulse of spiritual energy coming from the store master—the other man was a Blood Condensation Realm cultivator. He stepped up respectfully. “Junior Lu Ping greets the sect’s master immortal.”

Store Master Xu smiled and asked directly, “Little Brother, are you looking to buy Blood Solidifying Pellets?”

“That’s right. Master Immortal, may this junior ask for the price? If it’s reasonable, I’m thinking of buying from the store for the long term.”

Store Master Xu answered leisurely, “A hundred and ten spirit stones for one Blood Solidifying Pellets. How many do you plan to buy?”

Ordinary Blood Refining Realm cultivators usually had limited spirit stones and lacked cultivation resources. Even the sect disciples found it difficult to obtain enough of the common medicinal pellets, let alone the high-quality ones. On the other hand, those disciples with backgrounds usually wouldn’t have to buy their supplies from the stores. Hence, Store Master Xu was only out here attending to Lu Ping as part of his job.

Lu Ping noticed that Store Master Xu wasn’t paying much attention to him. He assumed this Blood Condensation Realm expert didn’t care much about a small trade from a small Blood Refining Realm disciple like him. But he still said politely, “I need three bottles of Blood Solidifying Pellets every month. But because I have to carry out a mission for the sect, I can only take a break once every three months. I’d like to buy nine bottles of Blood Solidifying Pellets each time I do.”

Store Master Xu was shocked when he heard Lu Ping’s request. It was only then that he looked at Lu Ping with a serious expression. “Little Brother, you’re really impressive. However, we have a limited number of medicinal pellets and most of them are booked. I can only offer you two bottles of Blood Solidifying Pellets every month, which means six bottles for three months. I’m afraid I cannot provide more than that.”

Lu Ping was a bit disappointed at hearing that, but just when he was about to accept the deal, he suddenly remembered something. “Master Immortal, I wonder if you sell any Blood Vigor Pellets?”

Store Master Xu was slightly taken aback. “Yes, we do.”

After some thought, he continued, “It will be a bit difficult, but since Little Brother is buying from us long-term, I will help you just this once. I can offer one bottle of Blood Vigor Pellets every month, but that means reducing one bottle of Blood Solidifying Pellets every month as well.”

Lu Ping was already overjoyed to get Blood Vigor Pellets—he quickly thanked Store Master Xu.

The store master was also happy to seal such a big sale. “A bottle of Blood Vigor Pellets is 180 spirit stones, three bottles for 540 spirit stones. In addition, three more bottles of Blood Solidifying Pellets for 330 spirit stones. That all adds up to 870 spirit stones. Little Brother, you can just pay us 850 spirit stones.”

Lu Ping thanked Store Master Xu. The worker quickly packed up everything and handed over three bottles of Blood Vigor Pellets and three bottles of Blood Solidifying Pellets to Lu Ping.

Lu Ping paid with the spirit stones. He looked at the mystic instrument and jade scroll the worker used to identify the spirit herb earlier and asked, “I’ll be going out on a mission and I might obtain some gains. However, this junior here is young and unknowledgeable, there are a lot of spirit herbs I can’t recognize. I wonder if I can copy the contents in Little Brother’s jade scroll? I am willing to pay with spirit stones.”

Store Master Xu laughed. “Truly, the sect provides their Blood Refining Realm disciples with simple and crude jade scrolls. But the sect must hope it will incite the disciples’ curiosity to explore and learn with their own prowess. However, this is fine. It’s not a big deal. Little Brother, go ahead and make yourself a copy. But if you find any spirit herbs, please do remember to exchange them here for contribution points. We will make sure to offer a reasonable price.”

Lu Ping nodded and agreed, then left the Medicinal Pellet Store.

After watching Lu Ping walk far away, the worker softly whispered, “Sixth Grandfather, this deal will run our stock dry and we won’t be able to replenish our wares so quickly. What if the cultivators who reserved our medicinal pellets make a fuss about their goods?”

Store Master Xu replied nonchalantly, “Would they dare to? Merely a bunch of rogue cultivators. They only have a few dozen spirit stones to spare every month and they can’t even stop whining about a few medicinal pellets, even trying to negotiate the price. How are they more comfortable to deal with compared to a big customer like him?”

The worker recalled how those so-called high and mighty cultivators tried haggling or even begging a mortal like him just to save a few more spirit stones—a chill went down his spine.

Store Master Xu took out a name list and randomly pointed at a few names. “Next time, when these people come for their goods, tell them the sect alchemists have exploded their cauldrons and so their supply of medicinal pellets have stopped for the time being. If they don’t like it, chase them out of the store!”

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