Chapter 21 - Plunder
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 21 - Plunder

The map showed in detail the location of Xuan Qi Island, the mini islands and areas within its jurisdiction, as well as the origins of various spirit mines, spirit herbs, spirit materials, and other materials needed for cultivation.

Lu Ping looked up and glanced around alertly; everyone was still admiring the battle of the four Blood Condensation Realm cultivators. He quietly found the body of a Xuan Ling Sect disciple who looked like him.

He stripped the disciple’s clothes and then burned the body into ashes. Then, he cast a face-changing spell that would blur his face in the eyes of the commoners. After that, following the guidance of the map, he ran to other places on the island.

Every sect wanted to expand its area of influence solely to increase its cultivation resources. Other than some natural spirit mines and spirit herbs, all other renewable resources had to be cultivated.

Therefore, within the sect's sphere of influence, every suitable place must be utilised to cultivate these cultivation resources. Whereas the cultivators stationed at these places would be responsible for guiding the local commoners to cultivate these resources and distribute them within the sect. At the same time, they were also responsible for protecting the safety of these places.

“Ten miles east of the cliff, at an area facing directly towards the sun, there’s a spirit field roughly the size of 2000 square yards, but it only has 300 pounds of spirit rice. The production rate of this spirit rice sure is low!” Lu Ping muttered to himself as he moved towards another site.

“Eighteen miles to the south-east, the Garden of Spirit Wood only has ten pieces of spirit wood. The rest aren’t fully grown yet. So unlucky!”

Twenty miles to the south, at the middle of the back mountain, there was a mine of fine copper. The fine copper was a common metal used to forge low and mid-grade mystic instruments. There, he found a hundred crudely refined fine copper ores.

At the west side of the mountain, there was a spirit herb garden within the mountain shade. There, he found ten fully cultivated hundred-year spirit herbs, most of which were used to concoct Late Blood Refining Realm medicinal pellets. On top of that, there was also a 500-year spirit herb used to concoct the common medicinal pellets for Blood Condensation Realm cultivators!

He had already gone to the spirit stone mine located in the north. Although there were a few other places he had yet to visit, plundering everything away would make his actions too obvious and bring suspicion. He also didn’t expect to find many valuables in those places.

Furthermore, the battle of the Blood Condensation Realm master immortals had most likely reached its conclusion. Excluding the spirit stone mine, the resources he plundered were worth almost a thousand spirit stones.

At the thought of earning almost 3000 spirit stones for the mission, Lu Ping felt a burst of excitement in his heart. He could step up his pace of entering the Blood Condensation Realm!


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