Chapter 22 - Conquer, Plunder
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 22 - Conquer, Plunder

After Lu Ping stepped out of the pavilion, he found somewhere safe to take out the map for a closer look. Suddenly, a dazzling red light flew from the north and instantly reached the sky above Xuan Qi Island.

A wave of an overwhelming aura covered the entire island and immediately appeared to discover something. The overwhelming aura promptly withdrew as the red light flickered and plunged into the pavilion.

There was a commotion among the disciples, but Lu Ping knew that it symbolized the arrival of Enlightened Master Qu, the real person in charge of the operation.

Back in the pavilion, Lu Ping knew his conjectures about the mission were correct. Zhen Ling Sect had planned for this a long time ago; the Cultivator Sharing Union was just used as an excuse to justify their actions. However, the discovery of the spirit stone mine had unintentionally made the whole operation more complicated.

A few moments later, the two master immortals hurriedly flew out of the pavilion. They gathered the disciples and announced, “Enlightened Master Qu has given his orders. All disciples will now head out and conquer the islands and nearby areas under Xuan Qi Island’s jurisdiction. Should there be any resistance, exterminate them all. Should you find yourself outmatched, especially if you’ve come across Cultivator Sharing Union’s leader Zhang Zhihe, quickly send a call for help and Master Immortal Du and I will be there shortly.”

The disciples answered in unison and accepted their task, no one dared to stay idle. They cast their mystic instruments and spread out from Xuan Qi Island.

Lu Ping chose to head southeast, towards a mini island roughly 50 miles away from Xuan Qi Island. The island held a mini spirit stone mine with a daily production of about 60 spirit stones. According to Xuan Ling Sect’s rules, the collection of resources occurred every five days, which meant roughly 300 spirit stones. It was one of the most important islands under Xuan Qi Island’s jurisdiction.

Search for the original.

However, he had no idea how strong the cultivators residing on the island would be. Lu Ping stuffed an Essence Recuperating Pellet in his mouth and thought, Even if I come across a Peak Ninth Rank Blood Refining Realm, I’ll still fight him!

The islands in the sea were divided into four classes. Those with a radius of 10 miles were called mini islands; those with a radius of 50 miles were small islands; the medium islands had a radius of 100 to 200 miles; the large islands a radius of 500 miles and the colossal islands with 1,000 miles in radius.

Zhen Ling Sect was considered a big sect in the North Ocean, but even so, it only had a large island with a radius of roughly 700 miles as its central base. However, they possessed a large spirit mine which the sect had nurtured and cultivated for thousands of years. It was enough for the current development of Zhen Ling Sect.

Lu Ping used his flying skiff mystic instrument and took half an hour to reach the mini island, Huang Yu Island.

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