Chapter 20 - Battles In The Island
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 20 - Battles In The Island

As soon as the array formation was destroyed, two rays of light flew out from the buildings. Master Immortal Liu and Master Immortal Du instantly flew forward to intercept the lights. In an instant, all kinds of spells and mystic instruments clashed in the air, rumbling the ears of the disciples.

Fortunately, the four of them intentionally moved away from the disciples as they battled. Taking the fight elsewhere greatly relieved the disciples of both sects.

With a rallying cry, the Zhen Ling Sect disciples rushed into the buildings and searched for their own opponents.

Filled with rage, Lu Ping initially planned to take revenge on the cultivator who assaulted him with the bead mystic instrument. But moments later he was left speechless. The Xuan Ling Sect disciples were already so few in number, and in addition to the members of Cultivator Sharing Union, there were only roughly 30 opponents on the island.

Counting their seventh group disciples and the disciples of Xuan Hua Island, they had more than 40 people on their side. Lu Ping deliberately avoided the beginning rush to intercept the enemies. He was looking for the guy with the bead mystic instrument when he suddenly realized he had no more opponents!

He looked at his martial siblings as they engaged in one-on-one battles with their opponents, Lu Ping was just thinking which martial sibling he should help in bullying their opponent, when suddenly, he saw a silhouette flash away behind one of the pavilions.

Naturally, Lu Ping wouldn’t let this slide. However, as he saw the silhouette’s stealthy actions, a thought came into his mind. He decided not to intercept the silhouette right away but followed quietly behind.

The man was dressed in a black robe. He was in a panic and looked extremely anxious. The pavilion they were on was constructed on top of a mountain ridge—the man moved down the ridge heading toward the bottom of the mountain.

After that, he took a sharp turn and arrived at an empty site, at the end of which was an excavated mine cave. A few dozen commo

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