Chapter 19 - Siege The Island
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 19 - Siege The Island

Although Xuan Qi Island and Xuan Hua Island were similar in size, Xuan Qi Island had many mountains and hence, an abundance of cliffs. 

As they approached the island, they were amazed by the stunning vista. Suddenly, Master Immortal Liu frowned and cried out, “They’ve spotted us!”

Master Immortal Du was shocked that Master Immortal Liu’s divine sense could reach so far and seconds later, he too sensed it. He said, “Zhao Lingqiao is quite clever. He hid right inside the island’s defensive array formation. Other than the commoners on the island, the rest of the cultivators have all gathered together. Seems like they weren’t unprepared.”

Master Immortal Liu smirked and said, “That’s fine, we were never planning to ambush them anyway. It’s to our benefit if they’re all gathered in one place!”

The two exchanged a look and smiled. Then, they leaped off the boat and flew toward the island while the disciples followed closely behind. Those with flying mystic instruments quickly utilized them, while the rest sprinted on the ground with the help of charms or with their own footwork skills and spells.

Lu Ping casted a [Divine Travel Charm] on himself and after whisking through a hill, he spotted a huge dome of blue light from afar—inside the dome was a city. At a glance, the dome served as the protective barrier from Xuan Qi Island’s defensive array formation.

While sprinting toward the dome, Lu Ping suddenly felt a tremor run through the spiritual energy in his surroundings. A huge axe abruptly appeared and enlarged in the sky. It widened in length by a few yards; the sharp axe blade alone was three yards wide. 

Swinging down, it chopped toward the light barrier.

Just as the huge axe struck the dome, a small yellow banner flew out from inside the dome. Fluttering with the wind, it grew to roughly a yard long.

A wave of yellow sand gushed out from the banner and surged non-stop onto the huge axe. The axe’s movements slowed down as the yellow sand tried to push it away from the dome.

However, the huge axe’s momentum was too overwhelming. Before the yellow sand could push it to the side, the blade had already landed on the dome, causing the protective blue light to ripple from the blow. 

But due to the yellow sand’s interference, the axe’s attack power was reduced and it failed to hit the center of the array formation.

It was at this moment that a beautiful arc flickered like a shooting star across the sky. A flying sword was cast, heading straight for the core of the array formation.

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In response, a dark iron umbrella shot out from the dome and opened before the flying sword.


A loud chime of metal shuddered through the air, coupled with a burst of fiery sparks where the flying sword and the iron umbrella clashed. The umbrella blocked the flying sword’s attack, and the sword flew backward to where it came from.

This time, Lu Ping caught a clear glimpse of the flying sword’s trail as it returned to Master Immortal Du’s hand. It appeared that the huge axe belonged to

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