Chapter 69: Finger
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Nightmare Assault Chapter 69: Finger

It was through the mirror that Xu Wen and Zhang Yinyin confirmed Luo Yi’s identity. He was a ghost. The real Luo Yi had been killed. Xu Wen and Zhang Yinyin didn’t spend a second mourning his death because they were instantly onto the next issue.

When… did Luo Yi die? And where? The answers were clear…

They remembered Zhen Jianren said that Luo Yi had gone to the files room alone while the rest of them met up. Clearly, he encountered the ghost there and was replaced. This would explain why Luo Yi came back and said he found nothing in the files room. The ghost… wouldn’t reveal the information related to her.

Zhou Taifu entered the room first. The file room was large. There was a wooden office table where Luo Yi’s corpse was. There was a chair that was so old that its leather had been worn off. There was a thin layer of dust on everything.

The room was thin and long in shape. Deeper in the room were rows of deep green shelves. A few of the shelves closer to them were stocked with light blue notebooks. The shelves further away had rows of manila folders. It was hard to tell how deep the room went. The room couldn’t be infinitely long, but the lighting was bad to tell clearly. The only working window of the room was next to the office table.

There should be other windows deeper into the room but they were probably sealed up or covered by thick curtains. The shadowy environment caused Zhou Taifu to feel uncomfortable. His plan was to find the clues and leave as quickly as possible.

Xu Wen walked in behind him. Her gait was so soft, like she was afraid of waking up something. As she crossed the threshold, she searched for the light switch near the door.


She flicked the switch, but nothing happened.

“This place has been vacated for so long that the lights are probably not working anymore.” Zhou Taifu looked up and concluded.

Xu Wen moved towards the window. She did this for two reasons. First, she wanted to keep an eye on Luo Yi. Second, it was safer in the light. Luo Yi leaned on the ground peacefull

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