Chapter 70: Files
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Nightmare Assault Chapter 70: Files

Zhou Taifu, who stood before the shelf, looked rather awkward. Xu Wen stood beside him. The place was dark. The only light source was Xu Wen’s phone. Their faces were hidden in the dark.

“How can this be?” Xu Wen studied the scene before her. Her thin brows furrowed. The calmness in her expression was gone. The shelf had four layers. Other than the top layer, the other three had been ransacked. A lot of folders were scattered on the ground.

Zhou Taifu knelt down to touch some of the folders. The folders had no dust on them, so this was recent. In other words, Luo Yi was the culprit. He probably found the clues about the ghost there.

However… the pair searched the place again and found nothing. Zhou Taifu slowly stood up and uttered, “It looks like the ghost has taken the clues.” This was the situation that he was most unwilling to accept. Tomorrow night was the time limit. They didn’t have much time left.

“Let’s go,” Xu Wen stopped hesitating and turned around to leave.

Zhou Taifu ran after her. He asked with hesitation, “Where are we going? The Prop Centre?”

“Block C, the music classroom.”

After the door closed, the duo soon disappeared down the corridor. Silence returned. A few minutes passed. There was a minute scratching sound. A closed door eased open a small gap. This door was opposite the file room. It looked perfectly inconspicuous.

Soon, a bloodshot eye appeared in the gap. The eye looked about. Then, the person turned around to whisper, “Doctor, they’re gone.”

Jiang Cheng stood up from a dusty rattan chair. He patted the dust away from his bust. A manila folder was squeezed under his armpit. Upon closer inspection, there was blood on the corner of the folder.

“Doctor,” Fatty looked at Jiang Cheng with admiration and respect, “You are amazing. How did you know they’d come here?”
“Luo Yi had been replaced. They naturally would figure out he had died in the file room. It wouldn’t take a genius to figure out he died because he found something inside the file room,” Jiang Cheng answered simply.


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