Chapter 60: Pictures
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Nightmare Assault Chapter 60: Pictures

“Sir.” Feng Lan widened her eyes at Jiang Cheng’s camera, “What are you…”

“Who allowed you to take pictures?!” The leading guard shouted loudly. She huffed as she headed to the door. She clearly suspected Jiang Cheng wanted to use the picture to make a big deal out of this. She had seen similar news before.

She was about as large as Fatty. If they really bought, the three female guards could take down the whole group. As the female guard stepped out of the office, Jiang Cheng raised the camera and then erased the picture before her eyes.

The woman was startled, surprised that the man was quite understanding.

“It’s all a misunderstanding.” Zhen Jianren was the first to speak. He relaxed when he saw the woman leave the office, “My friend was just lost.” He asked directly, “Was anything missing from the rooms?”

The woman turned back to glance at Luo Yi. She thought about it and said, “No.”

Zhen Jianren followed it up, “Since nothing is missing, how can he be a thief?”

Another woman walked over. She was thinner than the leader but more muscular. She had a baton around her waist. Her voice was rough. “We don’t wish to make this a big deal. This is our superior’s intention.” The woman sighed helplessly.

“Which superior?” Xu Wen suddenly asked.

The woman hesitated. In the end, she felt like it was fine to reveal the information. “It’s Director Lee.”

“Director Lee is our educational admin director.” Feng Lan looked surprised as she explained the situation, “She has been with the school for many years. I hear she is crucial to the school’s development. Her words are very influential here.”

Director Lee… Everyone remembered this name. She sounded like another important NPC.

“Where is Director Lee?”

“She is not here,” The leading guard answered.
“But we wish to bring our friend with us.” Zhen Jianren bowed kindly. He looked at the woman, “We’re invited by the school to shoot the anniversary. There is a rehearsal this afternoon. I don’t want to create any unnecessary complication due to this delay.”

“This…” The f

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