Chapter 59: Office
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Nightmare Assault Chapter 59: Office

Along the way, the team was quiet. Zhou Taifu grabbed the clothes he borrowed and walked to the right of the team. He glanced occasionally at Zhen Jianren beside him. The latter was silent with a dark face. In great contrast was Jiang Cheng. With a puffed chest, he walked at the front, leading the way for the group.

Fatty followed closely behind him. Xu Wen and Zhang Yinyin stayed at the back of the group. The former was better, but the latter changed tremendously. Her sense of helplessness disappeared to be replaced by a cool gaze. Things were more complicated than she thought. She couldn’t tell how authentic Jiang Cheng’s story was. However, what she could confirm was the portrait, and the ghost should be real. Especially the detail of the ghost’s hand…

She still remembered how Zhen Jianren froze when he heard that the ghost had a hand twice the size of a normal human. His arrogance disappeared instantly, and the fear in his eyes was evident. This confused her.

Zhang Yinyin had two guesses.

First, Zhen Jianren and Luo Yi managed to gather some extra information on the female ghost and found out that her right hand was abnormal. Of course, they didn’t plan to share this piece of information with the rest.

Second, and more directly, they… had seen this ghost before. That was how they knew her physical appearance. Zhang Yinyin’s eyes landed on Zhen Jianren’s back, and her eyes chilled.

Could it be… on him?

Before the team split up, they received the notification that the second rehearsal would be at 2 in the afternoon. They were told to be present. The venue was the same, the music classroom at Block C. The group was on the way to Block C.

Luo Yi was missing. Based on what Zhen Jianren said, he went alone to the files room to investigate the female ghost.

Before they reached Block C, they saw a person from a distance. She stood before the entrance to Block C. She paced around nervously. Fatty recognised the person instantly.

“You’re finally here.” When the woman saw Jiang Cheng’s group, she moved to wel

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