Chapter 149 - Thank You For The Corpses!
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Necromancer: I Am A Disaster Chapter 149 - Thank You For The Corpses!

The fire halo exploded.

Flames soared and flung several Skeletal Warriors away, and cracks appeared on their bones.

The Elemental Queen activated its skill again.

The wind halo exploded.

Violent wind surged like blades and flung several other Skeletal Warriors away.

The halos explode one after another.

Skeletal Warriors were continuously blown away by the Elemental Queen's skills.

Slowing Curse seems to have lost its effectiveness.

The Elemental Queen herself didn't move much. It just moved its fingers and lifted its hands.

It continuously unleashed skills, blowing the Skeletal Warriors away one after another.

From the start of the battle, only five seconds have passed.

By this time, more than 30 Skeletal Warriors have been seriously wounded.

Lin Moyu retrieved them back into the summon space.

"It's quite the challenge!"

He wondered why Bai Yiyuan gave him such a mission.

Bai Yiyuan expects too much of him.

However, no matter how hard the challenge is, he is still going to tackle it.

Lin Moyu's palm lit up green, and Soul Blaze broke out time and time again.

Soul Blaze, in tandem with the Skeletal Warriors and Skeletal Mages, dealt the Elemental Queen a certain amount of damage.

Lin Moyu didn't know, but there's actually a way to deal with the Elemental Queen.

Over the years, class users have developed a set of methods to deal with the Elemental Queen.

In order to find out about this, you just need to inquire in the Third Fortress.

Lin Moyu has long been accustomed to tackling things head-on, and so he didn't even consider this possibility.

Lin Moyu can be said to be the first person in history to face the Elemental Queen head-on.

Park Young-chang and his party finally passed through the last world of the lightning element, their hair electrocuted, a faint burnt smell coming from them.

The Healer seized this time to perform treatment.

Upon exiting the world of the lightning element, they saw the Elemental Queen fighting in the distance.

"Boss, they're already fighting."

"We need to stop

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