Chapter 150 - Third Battlefield; Distress Signal
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Necromancer: I Am A Disaster Chapter 150 - Third Battlefield; Distress Signal

A corpse was tossed toward the Elemental Queen.

Skill: Corpse Explosion!

The corpse detonated in midair.

In the midst of the explosion, the Elemental Queen unleashed miserable cries.

At this point, the battle reached a climax.

More than half of the Skeletal Warriors were injured.

The Elemental Queen also suffered significant damage.

Both sides staked their lives on the line.

All of a sudden, Lin Moyu unleashed Corpse Explosion, catching the Elemental Queen off guard.

Subsequently, another two corpses flew over, and two explosions sounded in a row.

The Elemental Queen was further wounded, three of its four arms blown off.

Of the four elemental halos, only the wind element remained.

It's a shame that the Knight ran away. Otherwise, with the detonation of the Knight's corpse added into the mix, it should be enough to push the Elemental Queen to the brink of death.

The Knight's health is the highest. As such, the power unleashed by the detonation of his corpse would have been greater than that of the other three.

At that time, it would be much easier to claim the Elemental Queen's life.

Lin Moyu released all the Skeletal Warriors and added all the Skeletal Mages.

He also cast Soul Blaze.

After the final round of attack, the Elemental Queen collapsed to the ground.

[Killed Elemental Queen, EXP +2,340,000]

[Obtained Elemental Crystal x5]

[Elemental Crystal: can be used to craft top platinum rank equipment, or enchant platinum rank equipment; is one of the materials necessary to upgrade Cooldown Charms]

To obtain five Elemental Crystals at one time, that's quite lucky.

After all, three to four crystals are dropped in general. Five crystals is quite rare.

The mission Bai Yiyuan gave him only requires one crystal. As of the other four crystals, Lin Moyu can keep them for himself and use them to upgrade his Cooldown Charm.

After the Elemental Queen died, the secret realm quickly disappeared.

Lin Moyu and Ning Yiyi once again set foot on the Elemental Plain.

Ning Yiyi breathed a sigh of relief, "It's

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