Chapter 968: Resistance is Futile
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My Iyashikei Game Chapter 968: Resistance is Futile

As Perfect Life’s first gamer, Huang Yin was the codename for miracles. His appearance cleared the pressure in the main hub. Many players were willing to believe in him. The sun rose. Huang Yin brought the first ray of light to the players.

The internal players from Deep Space Tech sighed too. They also didn’t expect Huang Yin to have such influence.

The players trapped inside the game were very simple. They couldn’t return to real life, so their identities and wealth in real life meant nothing. They worked towards the same goal. Humans were strange and curious. They would harm others for the sake of happiness but would sacrifice themselves to save others in despair.

Without external factors, Perfect Life became a pure ‘game’. They risked their lives to save the nightmare. Huang Yin was the first rescue team to enter the game. There would be more in the future.

With the crowd cheering, Huang Yin and Deep Space Tech’s team reached the central pavilion. They got updated and then revealed Deep Space Tech’s rescue plan. The internal members of Deep Space Tech would enter the nightmare to research it. They would restore communication with the outside world. That was the first step. Deep Space Tech’s real plan was to activate the backdoors they had left in the game. When the channels were stable, they would attempt to send the players out of the game. Deep Space Tech didn’t hide anything that had happened in real life.

The info war between the three criminal organizations and Deep Space Tech had reached an end. A lot of hackers were exposed and arrested. The scale was tipping.

Han Fei had no idea whether they were lying or not, but it did bring morale to the players. He looked at Huang Yin on stage and scratched his chin. “brother Huang’s acting has improved greatly. I wonder who he learned it from. He might become the next Best Actor before Brother Bai.”

At that moment, Han Fei suddenly received a message from his friend. He wanted to ignore it, but when he saw that it was from Shen Luo, he changed his mind.


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