Chapter 967: Only Audience
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My Iyashikei Game Chapter 967: Only Audience

Han Fei was all the actors and audience. The suicidal young man, the landlord, and the parrot, the three characters, were played by one person, but it didn’t feel weird. The reason to live was Han Fei’s life. One side was hope, and the other was despair. They kept arguing. Han Fei had memorized the lines of all three characters. He switched between them easily.

“I want to live, but I can’t find the reason to live.”

“I am not willing to die just like that, but when I realized it, I was already at the edge of the roof.”

“I am poor, but the biggest poverty is not lacking the money for instant noodles but having not even experienced love before. At least they have people to love, at least they have people to provide them shelter, at least they have the warmth of home… but I have nothing.

“Parrot, parrot, tell me, what is the reason to live?”

“Parrot, parrot, stop mimicking other people’s happiness. After all, it is not your life.

“Perhaps, I am just a prop that will never become the main character.

“I am a lonely person. I die alone.”

Negative emotions entered his mind. Han Fei had reached the first turning point of his life. He had experienced all the defeats with his roommates, but after his partners left, he was still hanging on. Compared to others, he didn’t even need to pretend to be tough. He had no family. He was born to be accompanied by despair. His voice lowered. There was nothing in the world that was reason enough for him to stay. He tried to make others laugh, but the people didn’t even have the wish to glance at him. The shackles of fate turned heavier. He couldn’t breathe due to the panic in his heart.

The show was approaching its end. The young man who attempted his 11th suicide picked up the prop knife. Even though it was just a prop, the blade was still sharp enough to pierce his neck. The world in his eyes turned into fog and blinded his eyes and ears. Han Fei raised the prop knife and aimed it at his throat.

The landlord’s makeup was blurred by sweat. The parrot stopped talking. The three

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