Chapter 943: Fear in Real Life
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My Iyashikei Game Chapter 943: Fear in Real Life

Han Fei's despairing memory didn't disappear. They percolated in his mind. This was also the first time Han Fei felt the existence of the black box so clearly. The present radiated a power that only Han Fei could control.

"There will no longer be any more red orphanages."

Han Fei walked down the corridor. At the same time, all the sirens at the building rang. The siren flashed red.

"What's going on?" The worker and Assistant Tao were confused. Everything was fine earlier. How come the highest alert suddenly rang?

"They have made their move. It looks like Gao Xing still wants to open the tunnel on this day, but the plan has been moved ahead for a few hours." Gao Xing carved his most anticipated day into his altar world. This day was the most important for him. He wouldn't give it up so easily. The siren flickered. It made the place look like it was streaked with blood.

"You look like you're bleeding..." The worker was the first to notice the problem. He pointed at Han Fei. "Look at him! He's covered in blood! And children are laughing!" Assistant Tao didn't feel anything at first, but once the worker said that, he also saw the bloody Han Fei.

"Calm down. Don't be fooled by illusions." Han Fei turned to look at them. The two staggered back when they saw Han Fei's bloody face.

"This is probably Gao Xing using his power. Is the ghost from your world that scary in real life? We should be quite far away from him. Even Butterfly can't manage this." Huang Yin commented. He didn't realize that he said 'your world'.

"Unmentionable and Pure Hatred are wildly different." Han Fei pressed the worker to the wall. He wanted to use his healing persona to heal the man like how he did in the altar world. However, he failed to do so. It only scared the man even more. "Strange." Han Fei clearly felt that the black box had given him something, but he didn't know how to use it.

"Don't kill me!" The worker trembled. He didn't dare to even look at Han Fei. If time could go back, he would run the moment he saw Han Fei.

"Follow me

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