Chapter 944: Meeting
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My Iyashikei Game Chapter 944: Meeting

The figurines in real life were just normal mud figurines. They could be shattered easily. However, after Han Fei broke them, he was affected to a certain degree too. The knocking became clearer. He could hear it wherever he went.

“Is this a sign that the door between the two worlds is opening?”

The worst 24 hours in the altar world were simplified a lot in the real world. Gao Xing knew that dragging it out wouldn’t be good for him, so he wanted to finish the ritual as soon as possible. After his ghost territory opened at Immortal Skyscraper, the latent evil within everyone was triggered. People lost their sanity and became monsters. Of course, this power wasn’t useable for everyone.

For example, the worker from the waste disposal center was a coward but was a good man. His biggest sin was to abandon his mate and run.

“Come on. Let’s go take a look.” The highly-secured lab was now empty. All the researchers had been summoned away.

“Lab No. 4 involved Immortal Pharma’s core secret. Will Fu Jing let the police in here?” Han Fei used the card to switch on the light. Han Fei noticed Lab No. 4 was different from what he imagined. Perhaps the police were involved, and parts of the experiments had been changed. The ‘bodies’ of the most important clients had been moved away. There were only volunteers in the tanks. Their brains were connected to Perfect Life.

“I’ve already noticed the anomaly. Gao Xing’s group would have too. Would they still continue the ritual?” Han Fei felt like things were not that simple. He would never underestimate his enemy. “Gao Xing’s wife and mother have both mentioned Dream’s heartlessness. No. 2 also warned that Dream might abandon Gao Xing after the latter lost his altar. Is it possible that Dream is only using Gao Xing to distract us while it attempts to find a new tunnel?”

“Han Fei, look at the tanks around us.” Assistant Tao said. “My labs have similar tanks. The channels can’t be polluted, but I realize the nutrient channels for all the tanks here are red. The strangest thing is th

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