Chapter 6: Demon
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 6: Demon

Chen Chao had a dream. It was a very regular dream.

These two years, he had actually been frequently dreaming. The contents of his dreams were always about a woman.

In his dreams, a woman would keep staring at him. In the dream, Chen Chao could do many things. It was just that he could not look into that woman's eyes. Each time he wanted to look at that woman's eyes, he could only see a mass of scorching light that was incomparably eye-piercing. That stabbing pain would instantly wake him.

But this time, before he could look into that woman's eyes, he was startled awake by a hasty knocking on the door.

Following the knocking sounds, there was also a series of friendly calls.

"Warden Chen, Warden Chen..."

Chen Chao opened his eyes and just happened to see that stray cat stopping its footsteps on the roof in the distance. A pair of dark green eyes were currently staring at Chen Chao.


Chen Chao grabbed a piece of paint that fell off a wooden pillar and accurately threw it next to that stray cat's feet unceremoniously.

The stray cat turned tail and ran without staying at all.

Chen Chao stretched lazily and glanced at the sky, muttering, "It's only midnight?"

He arrived at the door and opened the gates. A low-ranking official who was carrying a lantern was covered all over in snow; shivering heavily from the cold.

Chen Chao took a look at him and asked, "What? Lord Mi is inviting me for supper again?"

This was Mi Ke's hobby. He liked to call people in the middle of the night to eat supper together.

The low-ranking official was taken aback. He never thought that Chen Chao's first words after opening the door would actually be this.

"Speak. What in the world happened?"

Chen Chao took a look at the snow on the low-ranking official's body. Braving the heavy snowstorm in the middle of the night to invite him for supper? He was merely saying it casually.

The low-ranking official came back to his senses. Without hesitation, he immediately blurted out everything that happened in the government

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