Chapter 5: Murder
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 5: Murder

When he went to buy the quilt, he naturally still brought Xie Nandu with him. She was very cautious and did not want to leave Chen Chao even for a second.

Except, the two people did not see the man opposite on this trip. They just faintly heard the woman's scolding.

Chen Chao was in a good mood. He could not teach that guy a lesson, but there was naturally somebody to take care of him.

The boss of the cotton shop was a lean, middle-aged man. He was all skin and bones, looking just like a skinny money. The people in the town all called him Lord Hou. When buying the quilt, Lord Hou's eyes sized Xie Nandu up. Then, he asked with some surprise, "You got lucky with the ladies? Turns out that the rumors are true, staying in Peach Blossom Alley will get you hitched."

Chen Chao received the quilt expressionlessly as he said, "If you want to stay there, I'll sell that house to you. 100 skygold currency; equally honest to the old and young."

"Are you stupid or am I dumb?"

Lord Hou raised his eyebrows and looked even more like a monkey.

Chen Chao could not be bothered to reply him. Hugging the quilt, he turned around to leave. But he was stopped by Lord Hou. He pulled Chen Chao to one side and whispered, "I have some intel. I'll charge you one skygold currency, you'll definitely want to know."

Chen Chao glanced at Lord Hou and said with a nod, "Alright. The next time something happens to your home, I'll definitely leave an hour late."

"Pooh! What are you saying such inauspicious things for?" Lord Hou shot Chen Chao a rather resentful look. "You mustn't show ingratitude for kindness. Back then, when you came here, wasn't your first meal eaten at my place?"

Chen Chao nodded his head and said with a serious look, "How can I forget? I ate one meal and worked half a month of manual labor for you."

"... All in all, there's some friendship there, right?" Lord Hou still did not give up. This old man was infamous in the county town for being stingy. He was equally famous as the guy who stayed opposite Chen Chao.

The two people's reputations were about on par.

Theft is never good, try looking at

"Forget it if you don't want to say. I've decided to come to your house for dinner next time."

Chen Chao could not be bothered to haggle with this guy. Hugging the quilt, he turned around to leave.

Lord Hou had an ugly expression. Grabbing hold of Chen Chao, he stopped hiding it and said in a low voice, "Alright, alright, alright, consider it as if I'm scared of you. The intel is free, but you have to keep an eye out and pay more attention to our neighborhood. Your Father doesn't want to enter those damn demons' stomachs in my sleep one day."

After shooting Chen Chao a resentful look, Lord Hou started telling the so-called intel that he had.

It was the murder that happened yesterday on Changyuan Street. Wang Ji's Rouge Shop's boss and his wife died at home. Tianqing County was only so big, this matter could not be hidden to begin with. It was just that Chen Cha

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