Chapter 4: Peach Blossom Alley
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 4: Peach Blossom Alley

Retracting his hand, Chen Chao immediately turned around and leaned against the door as he raised his eyebrows. Looking at the man who was currently carrying a large bowl and shoveling rice into his mouth, he said, "Why? Envious? There's nothing you can do even if you're envious! It can't be helped that I'm born handsome!"

The man had just swallowed the last mouthful of rice in the large bowl. With a slurp, he swallowed the cabbage leaf at the corner of his mouth into his stomach too, and said, "What's the use of pretty? Is there a sense of security from being over 100kgs like Your Father's wife?"

Casually placing the large bowl on the doorstep, the man carelessly wiped the remnants from the corners of his mouth and smiled with slightly yellowish teeth as he said, "Chen brat, listen to a piece of advice from Your Father who has had the experience; a brat like you can't hold on to a pretty wife. Your poor household doesn't have that fate!"

"I say, where is that girl from? Why did she fall for this poor kid?"

The man's gaze sized Xie Nandu up and down. However, he skipped the places that should be skipped and glanced at the places that one's gaze should look at without leaving a trace; doing it rather covertly.

Xie Nandu held the half-eaten sweet potato that was still steaming as she looked at that man too. There was no disgust in her eyes. She was just sizing up this sloppy guy that she was destined to never see at home with some curiosity.

"F*ck off!" Chen Chao cussed and pointed his middle finger at that man. If it were before, he would have definitely sat down and argued it out with this old punk. But no idea why, he lost interest right away today.

Chen Chao felt that his verbal skills were not bad. But for some reason, he was always at a disadvantage every time he argued with this middle-aged man. It was like this old man seemed to know what he was thinking. He could shut him up with a word every time. Yet, the two of them were staying opposite of each other, so they frequently met each other. The moment they met, an argument could not be avoided.

His prowess was still lacking.

Chen Chao gritted his teeth and yelled at the door, "Auntie, your man said that he wants to marry Widow Li as a concubine and asked for your opinion!"

The man was originally still looking down on Chen Chao. Hearing this, his expression changed slightly and his aura suddenly weakened. He lowered his voice and said, "You f*cker, why did you do that?! Be careful that you can't find a wife..."

Before his voice faded, an extremely loud voice came from behind the door, "Zhou Gouqi! Get inside for Your Mother!"

Xie Nandu looked over at that man and could faintly see that there was a robust woman in the courtyard who was holding a rolling pin in her hand.

The moment this voice sounded, the alley instantly roared with laughter. The atmosphere became very gleeful all at once.

Hearing the voice behind the door, the man who was sitting crossed-legged with his ankle on his knee on the doorstep shot Chen Chao

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