Chapter 7: County Government Discussion
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 7: County Government Discussion

"Then we'll make arrangements in Changyuan Street tonight and kill that demon!"

Registrar Zhang rolled his sleeves up, his face raring to go.

Chen Chao glanced at him. He could not understand how a literary official had such enthusiasm for such a thing.

Although, Registrar Zhang's bearded face made him look nothing like a registrar, but more like a bandit chief.

The old post-mortem examiner nodded his head in agreement and said, "This old man is willing to offer my meager strength to eliminate this demon too."

Mi Ke asked, "What can you do?"

"... ..."

Lord Magistrate pulling the rug from under the post-mortem examiner in public put him on a spot.

Mi Ke did not have the energy to care about the post-mortem examiner's thoughts, but looked at Chen Chao and asked, "Younger Brother Chen, do you have confidence?"

He was not scared that it would end without accomplishing anything today, he was afraid that Chen Chao would not be able to deal with that demon hidden in the dark. At that time, this group of people would all have to die there.

"It's not a big deal."

Chen Chao expressed his thoughts, "At that time, have the court underlings secure both ends of the street. If that demon escapes, at least we'll know the direction. Lord Mi has been working hard for so long, you don't need to go over to Changyuan Street tonight. Just rest in the county office and wait for news."

As he spoke, Chen Chao kept looking at Mi Ke.

I've already prepared the stage for you, it's up to you now.

Mi Ke thought about it and said solemnly with a righteous look, "Warden Chen, that's not right. As the local government official, with such a major incident happening in Tianqing County, how can this official wait for news in the county office with peace of mind?"

"Nice! Your Excellency's words are truly admirable! You're well deserving of being our role model!"

The old post-mortem examiner was repairing his relationship with Mi Ke to the best of his ability.

Registrar Zhang chuckled, but he kept criticizing in his heart: His Excellency knows that foll

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