Chapter 8: Pummeled to Death
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 8: Pummeled to Death

Night fell again and Changyuan Street became very quiet. After two consecutive murders, the residents of this street became very careful. When night fell, they did not dare to make any noise. They shut their doors and windows and even placed defensive equipment by their bedsides. Rolling pins and kitchen knives were the most common items.

The county office was very tight-lipped. Some people who were well-informed only knew that two murders occurred on Changyuan Street. The few people's deaths were fishy, but they did not know clearly that it was the work of demons.

Hence, there was not too much panic that spread in the county.

In the dark night, at a street corner of Changyuan Street, Magistrate Mi Ke and a group of court underlings were currently standing guard here, all nervously looking at Changyuan Street in the night.

"What's Warden Chen doing? Why isn't he here yet?"

Mi Ke turned his head to look in the distance, but he did not see any figure. His heart which leaped to his throat was even in a flustered state. Now, seeing that it was almost time, why was this guy not here yet?

He bet his own life on Chen Chao. If this guy was not reliable, his body that was over 100 pounds would be forfeited.

Registrar Zhang carried a steel saber. At this moment, his eyes did not have much fear. On the contrary, he was a little excited. He lowered his voice and said, "Warden Chen is a martial path powerhouse, he's likely already here. It's likely that he's not meeting up with us in order to not alert the enemy."

Don't look at how Registrar Zhang looked boorish, in reality, his mind was unusually meticulous. Otherwise, he could not have held this position of official registrar for so many years too.

Mi Ke nodded his head and said doubtfully, "The demon this time shouldn't be tough to subdue, right? Do you know what realm Warden Chen is?"

Registrar Zhang shook his head and whispered, "Either way, he should be a pure martial artist. As for what realm, this lowly official can't say for sure either."

Cultivators and martial artist

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