Chapter 9: Review
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 9: Review

After searching for a long time, Chen Chao found quite a number of good stuff on that young man. Satisfied, he glanced at the young man who was currently breathing feebly and lifted his head to ask, "Do you want him alive?"

Only then, did Xie Nandu who had been absent-minded the entire time come back to her sense. She frowned and asked, "Can he still be saved?"


Chen Chao chuckled and no longer cared about this guy and walked towards the stove over there. But when he was about to sit on that old chair, Xie Nandu was a step ahead.

Chen Chao frowned and did not say anything. Sitting down opposite, he moved close to the stove. Feeling the warmth, he hummed comfortably.

Only after a few moments, did Chen Chao turn towards Xie Nandu and ask, "Shouldn't you have something to say now?"

Xie Nandu thought about it. Presently, the two of them were truly considered to be grasshoppers on the same piece of string. There was nothing to hide now as well. She said straightforwardly, "I'm born in White Deer's Xie Clan."

Chen Chao frowned and said, "White Deer's Xie Clan, that White Deer's Xie Clan that's of the same lineage as the Divine Capital's Xie Clan?"

Xie Nandu nodded her head very calmly.

But, Chen Chao was a little surprised. He had long known that this teenage girl's identity was not ordinary. But, even if he knew that she was surnamed Xie, he did not guess the Xie Clan. Xie Clan these two words were really too heavy.

Over 200 years ago, the world coincided with troubled times. Great Liang's founding emperor decided to rise up and overthrow tyranny. White Deer's Xie Clan gave their all to help. Not only did they finance money and food, they even dispatched many of the outstanding descendants in the clan to help. Later, Great Liang Dynasty ruled the world. Under the conferment of the founding emperor, more than ten people in the Xie Clan were conferred. These dozen over people immediately became the Great Liang Dynasty's most trusted ministers. With the passage of time, these dozen over people gradually gained a firm foothold in the Divine Capital and formed a new family clan too. This was the origin of the Divine Capital's Xie Clan.

White Deer's Xie Clan was the ancestral shrine. The Divine Capital's Xie Clan was initially just a branch. But with the passage of time, generations of the Divine Capital's Xie Clan gained a firm foundation in the imperial court and were gradually able to be mentioned in the same breath as White Deer's Xie Clan. Several decades ago, thanks to the 100 plus years of accumulation, the Divine Capital's Xie Clan had long already leaped to become one of the largest family clans in the dynasty. In the imperial court, they could even contend with the Qing He's Wei Clan which stretched for hundreds of years. They naturally surpassed White Deer's Xie Clan for a time. Although the southern ancestral shrine was still the ancestral shrine, there were many rules that had long already inadvertently changed.

Xie Nandu was the most outstandi

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