Chapter 41: The Daoist Nun Who Came From Afar
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 41: The Daoist Nun Who Came From Afar

The rain in the Divine Capital did not reach Tianqing County. But people who did not belong to Wei Prefecture would arrive in Tianqing County.

It was still that mountain god temple. At this moment, a wind arose and several people arrived floating and landed in the mountain god temple. Of the two people in the lead, one of them was a middle-aged daoist nun. She was precisely Guo Xi's master. The other person was called Li Huo, the middle-aged daoist nun's fellow senior brother, who was also Guo Xi's sect uncle.

The two people were currently leading several Three Streams Manor disciples and had already arrived here.

After landing, the middle-aged daoist nun had a dark expression and said with some sorrow, "Senior Apprentice Brother Li, Xi'er has been here before."

The two people's cultivation realms were sublime. They could naturally detect the traces prior to this and knew that Guo Xi and the rest had stayed here.

Li Huo nodded his head and consoled, "Junior Apprentice Sister Wang, don't be sad anymore. Now that we're here, could it be that that scoundrel can still run away? When we find that scoundrel, we'll bring him back to the mountain and let Junior Apprentice Sister Wang deal with him as you please."

The middle-aged daoist nun nodded her head and immediately urged, "Then what's Senior Apprentice Brother still waiting for? Since we know that the offender didn't run far away, why are we still stopping here?"

As qi refiners, the two people had a multitude of means. They had naturally determined the area that Chen Chao was in a long time ago. They knew that he still had not left Tianqing County up till now.

Li Huo furrowed his brows and said, "That's the issue. Since he killed Xi'er, doesn't he know that he has caused a terrible disaster? Why is he staying and not leaving?"

"I assume that it’s because that scoundrel is wildly arrogant. Since he dared to kill Xi'er, it can long already be seen that he must be someone who doesn't care about anything. It's also understandable that he hasn't left yet!" The middle-aged

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