Chapter 40: Upheaval
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 40: Upheaval

Chen Chao had written two letters. They were sent to two places respectively, but the result would definitely be different.

Chen Chao had virtually already predicted the outcome of the letter that had now already turned to ashes.

He did not know whether or not Warden Li knew everything, but Chen Chao was very clear that he could not entrust his fate to such a person. Hence, Chen Chao already helped him to make his choice before he heard anything back,

Even if he did not want to come forward, he could only step forward too.

Because this matter had already spread throughout Commandery Qingshan.

Killing cultivators without authorization and Chen Chao was also a warden, Warden Li could not dissociate himself from this matter no matter what.

It was just that this Warden Li did not want to truly get caught up in it. Therefore, when the incident broke out, his report had already been sent to Wei Prefecture's office.

There was an even bigger warden office there and a warden who held even greater authority.


At this moment, inside Wei Prefecture's warden office, Warden Zheng Chong smacked the report in his hands heavily on the table. His expression was ugly, "Li Hu that bastard wants to make a full retreat now and not get involved at all! Coward!"

As the warden of a prefecture, even if he had a martial artist background, Zheng Chong had long lost his hotheadedness after being an official for many years. It was just that thinking about the news that was sent here as well as the report that Warden Li sent over now, he could not restrain himself for a moment.

"Your Excellency, what should we do now?"

Returning to his senses, Zheng Chong turned towards the lithe and graceful woman standing next to him, and he gradually calmed down.

The woman glanced at him and shook her head, "Li Hu knows that he already can't retreat unscathed. How he's acting undoubtedly has two layers of meaning. The first layer is that he wants to warn us that the matter has already begun slipping out of our control and he wa

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