Chapter 397.2: Great Liang's Chen Chao - Part 2
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 397.2: Great Liang's Chen Chao - Part 2

Upon entering the academy, as expected, a group of students stopped in their tracks upon seeing Chen Chao and Xie Nandu.

Many people looked over with ugly expressions.

Some who had not seen Chen Chao and Xie Nandu before looked puzzled, but soon, their fellow students who knew the truth whispered softly, "It's that young martial artist and the Dean's final disciple, Xie Nandu!"

Upon hearing this, a low murmur quickly spread through the crowd. There was naturally no need to bring up who Chen Chao was. From the verbal altercation at South Lake to becoming the champion in the Myriad Willow Convention's martial examination, then becoming the deputy commander of the Left Guard, and even briefly serving as the commander. In the spy-catching incident last winter, he gained quite a bit of infamy. Now, being granted the right to bear arms by His Majesty the Emperor, he was indeed a prominent figure in the Divine Capital. As for Xie Nandu, just being the Dean's final disciple was enough for everyone to remember her. From being the champion in the literary examination at Myriad Willow Convention to now being known as a sword cultivator, it could be said that among the younger generation of the Great Liang Dynasty, there was no one comparable to Chen Chao, and among the women, none could match even a tenth of Xie Nandu's brilliance.

Now that the two appeared in front of everyone like this, it was obvious what it meant.

"Have these two confirmed their relationship?"

A student from the academy whispered under his breath in disbelief. Apart from jealousy, there was only envy left.

After all, Xie Nandu had always been the most admired figure among the current generation of students in the academy. Whether it was her family background or her own qualities, there was nothing to pick on.

Xie Nandu was the fairy in the hearts of countless people.

It was just that the foreign cultivation world's so-called fairies did not include the Great Liang Dynasty's cultivators. Otherwise, Xie Nandu would be a part of them too.


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