Chapter 397.1: Great Liang's Chen Chao - Part 1
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 397.1: Great Liang's Chen Chao - Part 1

As Chen Chao stabbed into the middle-aged daoist nun's body again and again, the vitality of this middle-aged daoist nun, who was renowned in the foreign lands, began to rapidly flow away. However, even in her final moments, she stared at Chen Chao fixedly, with a look of disbelief.

After some thought, Chen Chao suddenly said, "After you die, the sect behind you will surely seek revenge for you. But don't worry, I'll keep on living and eventually completely destroy the sect behind you, just like the Sublime Bright Sect."

After saying these words, Chen Chao withdrew his saber and wiped it on the middle-aged daoist nun's robe. Only then did the middle-aged daoist nun exhale her last breath and fall heavily to the ground just like that.

After dealing with the middle-aged daoist nun, Chen Chao then turned his head and glanced over.

After the middle-aged daoist nun completely stopped breathing, the stone figure first froze, and then the gathered pieces of stone fell to the ground. The flying swords at this moment also flew back to Xie Nandu's side, hovering quietly.

Xie Nandu slowly stood up. After collecting those flying swords, she spat out a mouthful of coagulated blood, her complexion improving slightly.

Chen Chao walked over and asked with concern, "Are you alright?"

Xie Nandu rolled her eyes, "Do you think I'm alright?"

No matter how talented Xie Nandu was, she was still two realms apart from that middle-aged daoist nun. Just persevering for 15 minutes had already meant pulling out all of her trump cards. If one were to say she could walk away unscathed, it would truly be a fantasy

Chen Chao scratched his head awkwardly, about to speak, but Xie Nandu already took the initiative to say, "No need to say it, you owe me again."

Chen Chao grunted in agreement, feeling a bit depressed, "How many times do I owe you now?"

Xie Nandu stared at him and asked, "Then why don't you settle it all at once?"

Chen Chao frowned, "Are you trying to get me killed?"

Xie Nandu snorted coldly, no longer bothering with this g

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