Chapter 354: Yellow Mud
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 354: Yellow Mud

From the Northern Frontier Great Wall, down south to the Divine Capital, after Xuanling Commandery, there were no military strongholds further south. Going north from the Divine Capital, the terrain was flat to begin with. Although it was not as cold as the North, it was still mostly plain; lacking steep passes. Therefore, when the human race built the Great Wall at the Northern Frontier, it consumed countless manpower, but it was a necessary undertaking. If not done, the vast open land to the north would leave the human territories defenseless, making the situation even more challenging.

About eight hundred miles from the Divine Capital, there was a small town named Yellow Mud. This town was remote, and the residents had probably never left the town for generations. There was no appointed warden guarding the town. If they were unfortunate and a demon passed by here, it could wipe out all the hundred or so residents of this small town. However, for some unknown reason, despite two hundred over years since the founding of the Great Liang Dynasty, this small town had never experienced any demon troubles. The townspeople were even skeptical about the rumors of demons ravaging in the Great Liang Dynasty.

After all, they have never witnessed it and had not faced any such threats. But there was some yearning for that Divine Capital that was only eight hundred miles away.

Occasionally, when merchants visited the small town, many people gathered around to eagerly listen to stories that only existed in the Divine Capital.

In the small town, there was only one tavern called 'Spring Breeze House.' On this New Year's Day, it had already opened for business. According to past years, there would be hardly any diners today. However, unexpectedly, a merchant from the Divine Capital arrived at this place and decided to take a break here. This immediately attracted a considerable crowd, making the Spring Breeze House seem somewhat lively.

The merchant from the Divine Capital sold some outdated porcelain items that were no longe

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