Chapter 355: A Night of Murder
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 355: A Night of Murder

Watching as the Great Liang Emperor only poured himself a cup of tea, the Temple Master stared at the teapot and hesitated for a long time without making a move.

In this vast world, with countless important figures, decisions that shaped the course of the world often fell on just one or two individuals. For example, at this moment, the Temple Master's single thought might determine whether any changes would happen to this world.

The two prominent figures sat in silence for a long time, until the Great Liang Emperor had already picked up the teacup and downed that cup of tea. Only then did the Temple Master reach out to take the teapot and pour himself a cup.

The tea was nothing special. In this sort of remote place, there would not be any good tea leaves. So, this pot of tea could not be described as having an exquisite fragrance. When he took a sip, the Temple Master even found it unpleasant. As a prominent figure of the foreign cultivation world, the Temple Master of the Infatuation Daoist Temple, when had he ever tasted such tea?

The expression of the Great Liang Emperor remained unchanged and he just said, "A pot of tea only costs one Great Liang general currency. It may not be the best tea, but ultimately, it's something We bought with Our money. It belongs to Us."

The Temple Master nodded and said, "Your Majesty is wealthy, ruling over the four seas. Don't you also consider the foreign lands as part of the Great Liang's territory too?"

The Great Liang Emperor replied, "Haven't you all benefited under Our protection?"

The Great Liang border troops defending against the demon race in the Northern Frontier may seem to be doing so for the sake of the Great Liang people. Still, it could also be argued that they inadvertently provide protection to those foreign land cultivators.

The Temple Master chuckled and said, "So it seems that Your Majesty has shown some kindness to people like us."

"Not expecting you to repay it someday. Just try to cause fewer troubles, and that will be enough," the Great Liang Emp

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