Chapter 284: North of the Great Liang (I)
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 284: North of the Great Liang (I)

"Picked it up by chance?"

Chen Chao looked at the Lord Warden Commander with some suspicion; he did not quite believe such a story.

It was something he had been searching for a long time, something he had always wanted to obtain, yet it had eluded him. How could the Lord Warden Commander have simply picked it up so casually?

As if confirming the saying that what you long for day and night might be easily within reach for others.

Lord Warden Commander looked at him and said calmly, "I'm not lying to you. I really did pick it up casually. I thought this thing had something to do with your broken saber, so I brought it to show you. Of course, if you talk about luck, the luckiest thing that happened on my trip here wasn't finding this."

Chen Chao raised an eyebrow and asked, "Did you find money?"

This was meant to be a joke, Lord Warden Commander naturally ignored it and just said to himself, "I accidentally resolved a matter by blind chance. If I hadn't resolved that matter, after I found you, I'd have sent you out to sea to do something else."

Chen Chao asked in confusion, "Out to sea?"

Lord Warden Commander thought for a moment and said, "It's not a problem to tell you now. You can probably understand it as another Myriad Willow Convention, but it's also different. At least, your previous cultivation realm was not qualified to participate. Only after stepping into the Bitter Sea Realm, would you have the qualifications. Many foreign land sects would send their disciples to participate on the lone island out at sea. It targets some demonic races, and the distribution of certain resources is decided through the competition. Of course, you also know that the imperial court has always been at a disadvantage in these matters. If it weren't for you and that girl, the Myriad Willow Convention wouldn't have ended with us as the champions too."

Chen Chao fell silent for a moment, then suddenly asked, "Has the imperial court not been concealing its weakness in these matters?"

In fact, from the few times he had obser

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