Chapter 284: North of the Great Liang (I)
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 284: North of the Great Liang (I)

Then he remembered that commanding officer, Song Lian, when he was in the Left Guard.

"Commander Song?"

The Great Liang Dynasty had always been at war with the demons in the North for a long time. But this time, perhaps since the Great Liang Emperor ascended to the throne, it has been the most brutal war. Even a martial artist like Song Lian have been mobilized to the North, showing the ferocity of the war. Surviving in such a war was indeed not an easy task.

Chen Chao had genuine feelings for Song Lian.

Lord Warden Commander glanced at Chen Chao and said casually, "Rest assured, the Warden Office hasn't received any news of his death in battle."

Chen Chao relaxed slightly. For some reason, he was thinking of that woman who made a living by doing laundry.

Lord Warden Commander looked to the north and lamented, "His Majesty still went to the North in the end."

Chen Chao's head jerked up.

The news about this matter had previously spread far and wide, saying that the Great Liang Emperor was determined to lead the expedition. It caused great concern among countless court officials in the entire Divine Capital.

There were even countless instances of court officials advising against it during countless court sessions.

But, if that Great Liang Emperor could be swayed by others' opinions, he would not have chosen to rise in rebellion back then.

"However, this matter is too far-reaching. Even His Majesty went to the Northern Frontier alone and didn't put up a great fanfare."

Chen Chao wanted to speak but swallowed the words back.

In the entire history of the Great Liang Dynasty, there was probably no emperor who had ever acted in such a manner.

As if seeing through Chen Chao's concerns, Lord Warden Commander said softly, "There's no need to worry. Someone like His Majesty, even if he goes to the North alone, what problems could there be?"

When the Lord Warden Commander spoke these words, Chen Chao saw many other emotions in the Lord Warden Commander eyes, emotions that he had never seen before.

It was very c

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