Chapter 92: Gathering of the Crusade
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Loser System and Berserker Me Chapter 92: Gathering of the Crusade

Europe was shaken once again.

Unlike what had previously happened in the Balkans and Anatolia, the one who had been crushed this time around was the Holy Romain Empire! That was a powerful empire that could shake the whole Europe if it exerted its full strength.

Yet, its capital had collapsed just like that?

Its empress had died just like that?

“Scourge of God!”

“It really is the Scourge of God!”

The populace exclaimed in fright.

They could almost see a knight on white horse brandishing his sword at them, bringing death upon everyone.

Even royals and nobles trembled in fear as well, knowing that the Scourge of God was not one to discriminate. He wouldn’t spare them just because they had lofty backgrounds.

“Law, loyalty, order, devotion…” the French king, Charles, murmured as he rode his stallion down the streets of Eternal City Rome.

French kings had a tradition of quelling religion, but this was a crisis of a different level.

“…everything we know is disappearing.”

When he received an invitation from the Pope to come to Italy and join the Crusade, he couldn’t have imagined that this previously prosperous and beautiful land would be reduced to this state.

Madmen were running about.

Carefully tended homes had been abandoned.

The city felt desolate. Fear and despair was palpable in the air.

And this was all because everyone knew that the Scourge of God was coming.

After making quick work of the Holy Romain Empire, the Scourge of God turned his eyes to Italy. It felt like the end of the world was about to befall them.

“My Lord!” Charles drew a cross in front of him. “What have we done so wrong to anger you?”

Clack clack clack clack!

A huge procession suddenly marched onto the streets.

Charles gestured for his subordinates to step aside.

“I have sinned!”

“I have sinned!”

It was a procession of devout believers who had fasted for a week. Their legs were shackled with chains, and they carried heavy metal blocks on their shoulders. They struck one another’s backs with whips as they prayed for salvation amidst blood.


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