Chapter 91: Bad Eyesight
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Loser System and Berserker Me Chapter 91: Bad Eyesight

“…” Frederina felt like her common sense had been rattled.

The Scourge of God, like the rumors say, is really a ravishing young man?

Despite having heard about it beforehand, it was still shocking to see it in person.

Have I become his prisoner?

Up to this point, Frederina was still in a state of disbelief, but she decided to lower her head and confront the situation she was in.

“…Big brother.”

The Holy Romain Empire came later than the Eastern Romain Empire, so it was somewhat appropriate for her to address Shu Yichao as ‘big brother’. Her aides, who had been captured too, also lowered their heads.

“Esteemed Caesar. Revered emperor.”

Much to Frederina’s shock, she saw Shu Yichao whipping out a metal cudgel.

“I think there’s something in the notifications saying that I should deal with this target with a blunt weapon?” Shu Yichao murmured.

Too much information had popped out at once—and most of them were useless—so the impatient him skipped most of them.


Why is the Scourge of God whipping out his weapon?!

Panicked, Frederina quickly resorted to her coyest voice, saying, “My beloved big brother…”

This trick had never failed her, especially against hot-headed youths. Beauties like her easily evoked sympathy from others. Even if she were to become a helpless prisoner that others took advantage of, the important thing was to survive this crisis first…

Her actions caused Sophia to stiffen up.

A soldier immediately stepped forward and hurled two slaps on Frederina, causing her hair to scatter unkempt and her cheeks to swell.

Sophia then looked at Shu Yichao.

The latter was trying out the metal cudgel. It appeared to have piqued his interest quite a bit, as he excitedly swung it around. “The sound it makes is so pleasing!”

He was too focused on his weapon to spare a glance at Frederina.

Sophia pondered for a moment before speaking up with a light-hearted tone, “Actually, we brought you here for questioning, but I suddenly remember how you went ahead to poison our Caesar without any warning. I suppose we can skip the

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